NP, MM 12/20/1862

From the Montgomery Mail
December 20, 1862
The South & North Alabama (or Central) Rail Road
   We are rejoiced to learn, from a high authority, that this rail road company's prospects are very flattering. The company's means have recently been largely increased -- indeed we doubt that the company desires further increase of means. The road will be graded and ready for the superstructure, easily, within the time prescribed by act of the Legislature, or within three years from February next, and probably before the expiration of that time. It is believed that the laboring force of the company will be increased to one thousand negroes within a very short period, several hundred being now and for nearly two years past engaged upon the work. The Chief Engineer is yet advertising for six hundred more negroes, to work on the road.
   All intelligent men now see the prospective value of stock in this road. Just look at the map and see the important rail road connections it will make at Montgomery, at Decatur, and at intermediate points, and then say if the road will not be a more valuable property than the State road of Georgia {the Western & Atlantic RR} which has netted for that State forty thousand dollars per month, or upwards, for several years past. Besides, our road will not cost one half the amount the Georgia State road cost, although it will be by some fifty miles the longest road. However, it will traverse a country equal to that through which the Georgia road passes in all respects, and far superior in minerals.
    We need not be surprised if our road is ready for the rolling stock within three years from this time, as it is probable that the company will manufacture its own iron rails.