Biography of William S. Ashe

Entries in blue are references and my additions

Photo from the University of North Carolina

   William was born September 14, 1814 in Rocky Point, N. C. He was a lawyer and a member of the North Carolina Senate (1846 and 1858-60) and the U. S. House of Representatives (1849-1855). He became the President of the Wilmington & Weldon RR in 1854 and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1860 and to the North Carolina Constitutional Convention in 1861.
   William married Sarah in about 1836 and they had six children -- one an engineer and one a lawyer.
William Shepperd Ashe -- Major & Assistant Quartermaster
January 1, 1861 Started the war as President of the Wilmington & Weldon RR
July 15, 1861 Asked to correct problem which shipments through Weldon
July 17, 1861 Appointed Major and Assistant Quartermaster
July 18, 1861 Appointed to superintend railroad transportation of troops and military stores on all the railroads in the Confederacy.  
NA, QM 7-18-61
NA, QM 7-19-61
NA, QMR 7-24-61
OR Series 1, Vol. 51, Part 2, Page 215
NA, RRB 9-7A-63
July 25, 1861 Ordered to determine how long it would take to put in a junction for the Orange & Alexandria and Manassas Gap RRs
July 29, 1861 His recommendations concerning railroad traffic at Manassas Junction approved
July, 1861 Appointed T. W. Howard to be Transportation Agent in Lynchburg
August 1, 1861 Hires slave Laborer
August 8, 1861 Has called for flats; Virginia & Tennessee RR is refusing
August 18, 1861 Suggests to Gov. Brown that Western & Atlantic RR help move supplies on neighboring roads
August 20, 1861 Included in request for a warehouse as Hanover Junction
NA, QMR 8-20-61
August 22, 1861 Approved payment of his future Clerk for a QM Department "special business" trip to Fredericksburg
NA, RRB 8-22-61
August 24, 1861 Asks about passes for returning volunteers
NA, QMR 8-24-61
August 26, 1861 Friend asks for a job
August 30, 1861 Recommends a nearer route to supply 2 divisions
NA, QMR 8-30-61
September 3, 1861 Reports on method of sending freight to Richmond from New Orleans
NA, QMR 9-3-61
September 6, 1861 Telegrams sent
Receives report that Richmond RRs not willing to transport fuel purchased along their roads.
NA, QMR 9-4C-61
September 7, 1861 Had agreement with the Virginia Central RR that they would provide a locomotive for the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac to Richmond & Petersburg RR connector and the Government would provide a replacement locomotive.
NA, VC 9-7A-61
Recommends S. L. Fremont to establish the Wilmington defenses
Receives work of B&O RR locomotives at Duffield's Depot
NA, QMR 8-31-61
Comments on number of clerks needed in Wilmington
NA, QMR 9-7-61
September 10, 1861 Plans to use Sharp's teams to haul grain
NA, QMR 8-29-61
NA, QMR 9-10-61
September 13, 1861 Replies to complaint of slow transportation of supplies
NA, QMR 9-13-61
NA, QMR 9-22-61
September 19, 1861 QMG forwards Landon's idea regarding paying RRs
NA, QMR 9-11A-61
September 23, 1861 Warned Gov. Brown that a naval attack was intended for the Brunswick & Florida RR
Responds to Quartermaster General about ability of Virginia Central RR to meet the needs of the army.
September 25, 1861 Sent on a trip to secure locomotives and cars for use on the East Tennessee & Virginia RR  
NA, QM 8-30-61
NA, QM 9-25A-61
UG, W&A 10-1-61
GA, W&A 10-3-61
NA, QM 10-3-61
OR Series 4, Vol. 1, Page 666
NA, QM 10-5-61
NA, SWT 10-6-61
October 4, 1861 Held a railroad convention in Chattanooga
NA, QMR 9-25-61
NA, QMR 10-4-61
NA, RRB 10-4-61
NP, WJ 10-10-61
NP, KD 10-17-61
NA, QM 1-13-62
NA, MC 3-3-63
October 7, 1861 Reports on RRs from Knoxville
NA, QMR 10-7-61
October 15, 1861 Orders CS locomotive to be placed according to the instructions of the Richmond & Petersburg RR
Ordered to evaluate Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR request for B&O RR cars
NA, QMR 9-12A-61
October 16, 1861 Reports he has employed Howard
NA, QMR 10-16-61
October 17, 1861 Held railroad convention in Knoxville {almost certainly an error}
October 21, 1861 Receives report on southern RRs from Langdon
NA, QMR 10-15-61
October 26, 1861 Appointed a Transportation Agent at Montgomery
October 29, 1861 Negotiates with Virginia Central RR for an ambulance train
Told to see to the delayed shipment of a hay press
NA, QMR 10-26-61
November 1, 1861 Appoint a Transportation Agent at Weldon, N. C.
NA, RRB 1-31N-62
November 9, 1861 Ordered to send a special train of flour to Manassas
November 13, 1861 Recommends military guard bridges
NA, SWR 11-13-61
November 18, 1861 Authorized priority for transportation of iron for Tredegar
LVA, TRED 11-18A-61
November 27, 1861 Writes President Davis regarding railroad connections needed
QM General acquaints him with desire to transfer a locomotive from one road to another and also transshipment problem in Petersburg
November 28, 1861 Appoints John W. Rogers agent at Grand Junction, Tenn.
November 30, 1861 Transmits a request from Wadley for an agent
NA, QMR 11-30B-61
December 1, 1861 Hires Robert Hill as Transportation Agent for the Richmond & York River RR
December 8, 1862 Pays for Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR for hauling Government locomotives and cars
December 10, 1861 Recommends QM Department accept Chattanooga Convention rates
NA, QMR 12-10-61
QM General sends him report on rolling stock supplying Manassas
NA, QMR 12-7-61
QM General directs him to supply flats for Ordnance Dept. move on Petersburg RR
NA, QMR 12-10A-61
December 12, 1861 Orders Capt. Sharp to issue cars and equipment to the Orange & Alexandria RR
December 16, 1861 Appoints Transportation Agent at Columbia
December 23, 1861 Asked to find a way to overcome the steamboat connection in Wilmington
December 24, 1861 C. S. Senate confirmed his position and rank
December 30, 1861 Paid Transportation Agent Lucas
NA, RRB 12-30-61
December 31, 1861 Paid CS Locomotive hands
January 1, 1862 Paid Transportation Agent Howard
January 8, 1862 Writes QM General about B&O RR machinery and its transfer to the Ordnance Dept.
NA, QMR 1-8-62
NA, QMR 1-10-62
January 9, 1862 Paid Transportation Agent Lucas
NA, RRB 1-9C-62
January 20, 1862 Probably approved pay for engineer
January 21, 1862 Probably approved the purchase of 5 cars
NA, RRB 1-21-62
January 27, 1862 Approved charges for hauling captured locomotives to Richmond
NA, RF&P 12-8-61
January 28, 1862 Orders Morfit to visit Knoxville, Nashville & Paris and send forward freight and cars belonging to other roads
January 31, 1862 Paid for his Clerk, Locomotive hands, coal train agent
NA, RRB 1-31-62
NA, RRB 1-31A-62
NA, RRB 1-31C-62
NA, RRB 1-31D-62
NA, RRB 1-31G-62
Paid Transportation Agent at Weldon
NA, RRB 1-31N-62
Was a member of the First Permanent Confederate House of Representatives
February 1, 1862 This date or before, appointed William H. Shaw Transportation Agent at Kingville, S. C.
Paid for wood for government locomotive
February 6, 1862 Writes QM General about cars purchased for East Tennessee & Virginia RR
NA, QMR 2-6-62
February 11, 1862 Submits his resignation to Davis
February 13, 1862 Appointed John W. Goodwin Transportation Agent at Corinth, Miss.
February 17, 1862 Was offered 70 new railroad carts for sale
NA, QMR 2-17B-62
February 18, 1862 Approved purchase of 5 cars
NA, RRB 2-18-62
February 28, 1862 Paid for Clerk  and coal train agent
NA, RRB 2-28G-62
NA, RRB 2-28I-62
March 1, 1862 Sent Capt. Morfit to forward Government freight throughout the Confederacy
March 3, 1862 Reports on shipping munitions by Express on Wilmington & Manchester RR
NA, QMR 3-3-62
March 4, 1862 Should freight go by mail train when there is no freight train?
NA, QMR 3-4B-62
March 8, 1862 Capt. Morfit ordered to car makers
March 25, 1862 Approved the purchase of 3 box cars
NA, RRB 3-25-62
March 31, 1862 Paid for Clerk, Locomotive hands, coal train agent
NA, RRB 3-31T-62
NA, RRB 3-31AD-62
NA, RRB 3-31AG-62
NA, RRB 3-31AM-62
NA, RRB 3-31AN-62
Paid Lynchburg and Columbia Transportation Agents
April 1, 1862 Attends Convention of RRs regarding moving troops in North Carolina
April 2, 1862 Is told to return the cars of the Richmond & Petersburg RR as soon as possible
April 11, 1862 Wrote to John W. Goodwin, asking him to withdraw his resignation
April 15, 1862 Recommends D. H. Wood for promotion to Major in Transportation Department; signs as Chief of Transportation Department
April 19, 1862 Appointed to buy small arms from the citizens of North Carolina
NP, RSTD 4-9A-62
OR Series 1, Vol. 9,  Page 457
NP, RR 4-19B-62
NP, GP 4-24A-62
NA, RR 9-30B-62
NA, RRB 6-12A-62
April 22, 1862 Hill asks Secretary of War for a position as Ashe's assistant
April 23, 1862 House created position of Chief of Railroad Transportation (not signed into law)
April 30, 1862 Pays Government locomotive hands and Transportation Agents
May 2, 1862 Shop tools issued to the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR under orders from him.
May 26, 1862 Was in Wilmington, running the Wilmington & Weldon RR
At some point, had appointed a Transportation Agent at Charlotte
NA, QMR 5-26B-62
May 31, 1862 Paid CS locomotive hands
June 4, 1862 Paid CS locomotive engineer
June 9, 1862 Paid Transportation and other Agents
June 16, 1862 Capt. Pierce reports on status of contract between Allen and Ashe to make cars
NA, QMR 6-16A-62
June 26, 1862 Major Morfit ordered to take over the duties Major Ashe had performed {Ashe had resigned}
NA, QM 6-26-62
NA, RRB 9-7A-63
Before July 1, 1862 Gave a shipping authority to an agent who was later investigated.
Before July 1, 1862 Purchased 19 Box Cars from the Georgia RR
NA, QMR 10-30A-62
NA, RRB 4-15-63
July 5, 1862 Paid for repairs to 19 cars
July 31, 1862 His assistant paid, after his death, despite the dates on the forms
NA, RRB 7-31A-62
August 21, 1862 Notice posted to stop buying arms under his authority.
NP, GP 8-21-62
September 3, 1862 Sharp writes QM General regarding a complaint by Mr. Ashe
NA, QMR 9-3-62
September 14, 1862 Run into and killed by a locomotive while operating a hand car on his own railroad.
NP, RD 9-15-62
NP, WJ 9-15-62
NP, WJ 9-15A-62
NP, RR 9-17-62
NP, CW 9-22-62
NP, SRDR 9-23-62
NP, RSTD 9-24-62