NA, RRB 10/4/1861

Chattanooga, October 4, 1861
   In accordance with a call from Wm. S. Ashe, Assistant Quartermaster General, a meeting of the Representatives of the Southern Rail Roads was held this day at the Crutchfield House, at which the following persons were present:
Morris Emanuel, Vice President Southern (Miss.) Rail Road R. L. Owen, President Virginia & Tennessee Rail Road
Thomas Rigby, Director Southern (Miss.) Rail Road E. D. Frost, Superintendent Mississippi Central Rail Road
Sam Tate, President Memphis & Charleston Rail Road J. W. Lewis, Superintendent Western & Atlantic R. R.
C. Wallace, President East Tennessee & Georgia Rail Road L. J. Fleming, Superintendent Mobile & Ohio Rail Road
C. Wallace, President East Tennessee & Virginia Rail Road
   On motion of C. Wallace, Morris Emanuel was called to the Chair, and L. J. Fleming appointed Secretary.
   Wm. S. Ashe, Assistant Quartermaster General, explained the object of the Government in calling the Convention to be, to request the assistance of the Rail Roads in the Confederate States, in furnishing machinery to assist the East Tennessee & Georgia Rail Road to transport the large amount of Government freight now accumulated at Knoxville and Bristol, and to adopt uniform rates for the transportation of Government freight over the roads in the Confederate States.
   On motion, a committee consisting of Sam Tate, C. Wallace, and L. J. Fleming, was appointed to prepare a through uniform rate for the transportation of Government freight. This committee presented the following


   The committee to whom was referred the subject of Government freights and charges for the same, recommended that the classification and rates be established as follows:
   1st Class -- Percussion Caps, Powder and fixed ammunition, 45 cents. per 100 lbs, per 100 miles.
   2d Class -- All the freights shipped for the Government, except Live Stock, Hay, Bran, and the articles enumerated in 1st class at 20 cts. per 100 lbs. per 100 miles.
   3d Class -- Live Stock, per car load -- $20 per car per 100 miles.
   4th Class -- Hay and Bran, per car load -- $15 per car per 100 miles.
   For less than a car load of Live Stock, the local rates of each road will be charged.
   The labor and expense of loading and unloading and the detention of the cars for the same being as much for short as for long distances, less than 100 miles will be charged as 100 miles.
   The payments for Government service will be received in the Treasury Notes or Bonds of the Confederate States.
Sam Tate
C. Wallace
L. J. Fleming
   On motion of C. Wallace, Resolved, That regular Rail Road through lists shall accompany each car load or part of a car load of Government freight, omitting any assessment of rate, and that it devolve upon each road to take its own receipt separate and apart from the through list, for the delivery of freight to a connecting road, to be used as a voucher in settlement with the Government, and that each road collect its own earnings and make its own settlement with the Government.
   Messrs. Owen, President Virginia & Tennessee, and Wallace, of the East Tennessee & Georgia Rail Roads, gave notice that on and after Sunday* week they will change the schedule to give more time on their roads. Mr. Owen said that he should require 13 hours, and without a corresponding change in the connecting lines the connections would be broken.
   On motion, a committee, consisting of Sam Tate, L. J. Fleming, and E. D. Frost, was appointed to prepare a schedule.
   Resolved, That the prices for Government freight, as agreed upon by this Convention, go into effect on and after the 15th of the present month.
   Resolved, That the Secretary be authorized and instructed to have the proceedings of this Convention published, and furnish ten (10) copies to each of the Southern Rail Roads.
   Resolved, That the Committee on Schedule be allowed until the 15th inst. to confer with connecting roads not represented in this Convention and report to each road in the interval, such schedules as may be agreed upon between Richmond and New Orleans by that date.
   On motion of Same Tate, Resolved, That the thanks of the Convention be tendered to the Chairman and Secretary.
M. Emanuel
L. J. Fleming
* They subsequently agreed to make no change until the 1st of November.
{in pencil}
Pass 2 c per mile