NP, KD 10/17/1861

From the Knoxville Daily Register
October 17, 1861
Railroad Convention
   A meeting of railroad officers, called at the instance of major W. S. Ashe, Assistant Quartermaster, Confederate States Army, to agree upon a uniform rate of transportation for Government freight, ??? at Chattanooga ??? inst., D. Emanuel, President of the Southern Railroad Company, being Chairman of the meeting; and the following rates were agreed upon, viz; Twenty cents per hundred pounds per hundred miles, for heavy freight except for percussion caps and fixed ammunition, which were laid at forty two cents per hundred pounds; and hay and bran, which are to pay fifteen cents per hundred pounds.
   Steps were also taken to aid the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroads in moving forward the immense quantity of Government freight, which has been detained for some time on the line between Chattanooga and Lynchburg.
   We understand 350 car loads have been detained between those places for want of motive power. The various companies between New Orleans, Memphis and Lynchburg, were called upon to contribute the quota of locomotives, and we learn engines enough have been obtained for this purpose, Colonel Tate, President of the Memphis and Chattanooga {Memphis & Charleston RR} Company, contributing promptly two locomotives.
Richmond Enquirer