Biography of E. L. Hariot

 Edgar La Roche Heriot was a Captain in the Engineer Corps of the Confederate army, but there is no biography in the National Archives for him. Below is my biography.

   E. L. was born in Georgetown, South Carolina, November 25, 1825. He graduated from the Citadel in 1847 and immediately went to work as an engineer on the construction of the Greenville & Columbia RR. In December 1849, he became a Division Engineer on the South Western RR. He was Chief Engineer of the Mobile & Girard RR in 1852 and then Engineer in Charge of Construction of the Savannah & Augusta RR in 1853. Next came 8 months as Chief Engineer of Surveys & Location for the North & South Alabama RR. From April, 1854 to January, 1859, he was Chief Engineer of the Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR and the Atlantic & Gulf RR.
   In 1857, he married Clara G. Hayward, of Tallahassee. His wife's father, Richard Hayward, had large plantations in Madison Parish, Louisiana. Two years after Richard moved to Louisiana, E. L. followed and engaged in the cultivation of cotton on the Mississippi River, about 25 miles above Vicksburg.
   When Louisiana succeeded, E. L. raised a company of infantry (the Willow Bayou Rifles) and tendered its service to Governor Moore. It was accepted and he was commissioned a Captain and his company mustered into service. E. L., however, was immediately detached to report for engineer duty to Gen. Mansfield Lovell at New Orleans. 
   After the fall of New Orleans, E. L. was assigned to the Trans-Mississippi Department and placed in charge of the construction of most of the works for coast defense. He took part in at least two engagements along the coast. He was also made Military Superintendent of all the railroads in the Trans-Mississippi Department.
   Immediately after the war, he took a position with an express company, but, in June, 1866, he returned to the locating and building of railroads -- first with the Texas & New Orleans RR and lastly with the Texas Western RR, through 1884. Then cam General Manager and Vice President of the Nevada & California RR.
   In July, 1887, his constant rheumatism had so impaired his health that he bought a fruit ranch in Vaca Valley, Solano County, California (about 20 miles northeast of present Vallejo). He died in California in 1903.
October 4, 1861 Elected Captain in the Louisiana Militia 
Early 1862 Resigned his Captain's commission at the request of the General Commanding Louisiana so that he could take charge of the Engineer Department of the New Orleans & Texas RR, a militarily necessary work
March 23, 1862 Quoted in a newspaper as saying that the New Orleans & Texas RR could be built in six months
March 29, 1862 Is listed as Chief Engineer of the New Orleans & Texas RR
March ?, 1862 Drew supplies necessary to do a survey for the construction of maps of eastern Texas
November 26, 1862 Submitted a report to the Texas Adjutant & Inspector General on a location for a camp for 500 men near Beaumont; on the 29th, forwarded it to Gen. Magruder. Signed as Chief Engineer, New Orleans & Texas RR
December 8, 1862 Upon the arrival of Gen. Magruder in Texas, Heriot was employed on the defenses of the coast, with entire charge of the Sabine District
January 1, 1863 Participated in the recapture of Galveston
January 21, 1863 Participated in naval battle off Sabine Pass
May 1, 1863 Requested a commission in the Engineer Corps
July 7, 1863 Reports on condition of Galveston Bay bridge
NA, RRB 7-7A-63
July 16, 1863 Requests labor for the Texas & New Orleans RR
July 27, 1863 Requests militia men to run railroads
NA, RRB 7-27-63
July 30, 1863 At Gen. Magruder's order, had requested a status of the Texas & New Orleans RR from its Superintendent and had received the report. Heriot had been ordered to take charge of making the required repairs on that Road. Signed as Assistant Engineer, without rank.
August 1, 1863 Had information on the condition of the Texas & New Orleans RR
August 24, 1863 Requested a detail
NA, RRB 8-24C-63
September 2, 1863 Received a request from a railroad president for some hose. Was addressed as Captain
September 29, 1863 Recommends specific repairs to railroads. Signs as Captain and Inspector of Railroads
October 17, 1863 Reports on the condition of Texas RRs and proposes some solutions to their problems. Signed as Captain & Inspecting Engineer of Railroads
Urged to get the Brazos River bridge of the Washington County RR repaired
October 24, 1863 Reports on the inability of one RR to get any locomotive to run and his temporary solution
October 25, 1863 Given authority to call for bridge guards
NA, DT 10-25-63
November 9, 1863 Requested detail of a master machinist
November 12, 1863 Reports on the status of construction of the Galveston & Houston Junction RR
November 21, 1863 Reports on the condition of the Houston Tap & Brazoria RR
November 26, 1863 W. W. Morris covers his duties while Heriot is on a 2-week furlough
December 21, 1863 His men called out separately in order trying to reduce the number of absentee soldiers in Texas: his assistant, W. W. Morris, is identified
June 6, 1864 Requests order giving him more control over detailed men
Ordered to make report on detailed men
NA, DT 6-6-64
June 14, 1864 Reports taking action to protect a bridge in danger from drift wood
July 28, 1864 Asked for location of a detailed man
NA, DT 7-28-64
August 3, 1864 Asked to justify certain detailed men
NA, DT 8-3A-64
August 29, 1864 Reports the danger to bridges if the guards are not returned
June 21, 1865 Paroled at Houston
December 6, 1903 Died in California