{This road was initially and frequently called the Macon & Augusta RR and was also called the Macon & Warrenton RR.} This road of about 75 miles, designed to connect the Georgia RR and Macon by way of the capital, Milledgeville, was well under construction early in the war. Seven miles of track had been laid from Warrenton toward Sparta when, in April 1862,  the Confederate Government seized all but the rail laid and three additional miles of track (enough to reach the Ogeechee River). Grading, bed and masonry had mostly been completed to Milledgeville in late 1862 and work was still in progress to finish all but building the bridges and laying the track, with the plan to have everything in readiness to quickly lay the rail as soon as peace came and the rail could be imported. The road had one construction train, which may have been rented from the Georgia RR, with which it connected at Warrenton. The road became an important part of the improvised trans-Georgia line of railroads after Sherman destroyed the main lines. A document in the Official Records indicates that the road was complete by February 1865.
Black's Number 37 (map)
Track 7 (or 10) miles of 5 foot gauge of T-rail, unknown weight
Locomotives None
Cars None
Stations Two
Officers Several
Annual Reports
10-1-61 President
10-1-62 Entire Report
Significant Documents
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