NP, AC 2/26A/1865

From the Augusta Constitutionalist
February 26, 1865
Travel from Montgomery to Augusta
   A correspondent of the Mississippian gives us information, after experience, as to how a trip from Montgomery to Augusta can be made in these troublesome times. He says:
   Experience has taught me the propriety of having a traveling companion of the other sex, and so, at Montgomery, I eagerly embraced the opportunity of taking one in charge. It is true, one has to look after trunks, baskets, hand boxes and sometimes babies; but to be admitted to a seat in the ladies' car is alone sufficient to compensate for all the little attentions expected.
   Leaving Montgomery on Thursday morning at 8 o'clock, we arrived at Columbus the same afternoon at 5 o'clock {on the Montgomery & West Point RR}, without change of cars. The distance is ninety-seven and a half miles; fare fifteen dollars. On Wednesday morning, at half past six o'clock, we left Columbus, and arrived, without change of cars, at Macon the same evening, at three o'clock -- distance one hundred miles -- fare thirteen dollars {on the Muscogee RR and the South Western RR}. At Macon I would recommend the Brown House to travelers, being convenient to the depot, and quite reasonable in charges -- only twenty-five dollars for each fire which you may order in your room. We left Macon Thursday morning at eight o'clock for Midway, distance thirty-five miles {on the Central (of Georgia) RR} -- fare, eight dollars. Midway station is about one mile from Milledgeville; and here passengers will find every description of vehicle to take him across the break -- the price depending on the demand -- from fifty to five hundred dollars per head.
   We arrived at Midway at 12 o'clock, and taking a wagon, reached Sparta at 7 o'clock that night, distance twenty-four miles. Here you stay all night, and have to pay enormously for inferior accommodation. On Friday morning at 5 o'clock, we left Sparta for Mayfield station by wagon -- distance twelve miles. Leaving Mayfield at 11 A. M., the train {of the Milledgeville RR} arrived at Camak at one o'clock, fourteen miles, where we changed cars for Augusta {on the Georgia RR}, forty-seven miles, arriving here at 6 P. M. Travelers would do well to scissor these paragraphs.