Montevallo Coal Company

Little information has been located on this railroad. It was bought from the Alabama Coal Mining Company in 1862 or 1863 and used by the Montevallo company and the Shelby Iron Works.
Black's Number Not on Black's maps (map)
Track Unknown miles of unknown gauge of unknown type and weight, but probably strap rail
Locomotives Unknown
Cars Unknown
Stations 1
Officers None
Significant Documents
UA, SIW 5-28-63
UA, SIW 8-18-63
UA, SIW 2-5-64
UA, SIW 7-25A-64
UA, SIW 7-30-64
UA, SIW 1-15-65
UA, SIW 1-26A-65
UA, SIW 3-1-65
UA, SIW 3-1A-65
UA, SIW 3-3-65
UA, SIW 3-10-65