UA, SIW 3/1A/1865

Montevallo Coal Mines
Montevallo Ala Mar 1st 1865
A. T. Jones Esqr
Dear Sir,
   Will you have the box of tools Mr. Starr put up for me shipped to Montevallo at once; am needing them. I find that I can go to laying down the iron at once. So please have it rolled at once. Ask Mr. Edwards if he cant punch a 1/2 inch square hole in the iron instead of a round one if he can will want the spikes made square instead of round. he will understand to make allowance for expansion you can call his attention to this. I will be up Friday to superintend putting in the trestle bents at town, have Blake & his hands and two or three carpenters at town Friday also have Burges run the car out with the bents. Hope everything will be in readiness by up train Friday.
Very Respectfully
Wm M Wallace
You had better have Andrews send the 4 cars for your coal at once as I expect to tear up its road next Monday or Tuesday.
I am writing to Andrews by same mail as this & will call his attention to leaving the four cars suit for the Iron works coal.