Union Documents on Confederate Railroads 1861-5

Below are transcripts of original documents of the Federal government related to Confederate railroads and their issues, newspaper articles and any other Northern documents written during the War that bear on Confederate railroads.  My comments, additions, or corrections are {entered thus}

Original Documents Sources and Comments

NP, JT 5-28-61 Stoppage of train on the Baltimore & Ohio RR
NP, BE 6-4-61 Captures at the Orange & Alexandria RR depot
ORN Series 1, Vol. 5, Page 695 Schooner cargo of RR iron
NP, AS 6-5-61 Captures at the Orange & Alexandria RR depot
NP, NYT 6-7-61 13 locomotives captured at Williamsport and taken to Harpers Ferry
NP, NR 6-10-61 Baltimore & Ohio RR bridges burned near Harper's Ferry
NP, BE 6-17-61 B&O rescues some cars from near Harper's Ferry
NP, GC 6-17-61 Destruction of Harper's Ferry
NP, NR 6-17-61 Baltimore & Ohio RR obstruction removed near Harper's Ferry
NP, NYT 6-17-61 70 Martinsburg locomotives burned
NP, AS 6-19-61 Locomotives in Martinsburg and Harper's Ferry
NP, AS 6-19A-61 Destruction of bridges at Harper's Ferry and Martinsville
NP, AS 6-19B-61 Destroyed Baltimore & Ohio RR property in Martinsburg
NP, AS 6-19C-61 Alexander, Loudon & Hampshire RR bridges burned
OR Series 1, Vol. 2, Page 115 Baltimore & Ohio RR locomotives and cars burned
ORN Series 1, Vol. 16, Page 560 Schooner with RR iron cargo
ORN Series 1, Vol. 16, Page 560 Capture of schooner with RR iron on board
NP, BE 6-25-61 B&O rolling stock destroyed
NP, NYT 6-25-61 48 locomotives reported burned
NP, WS 6-25-61 Destruction at Martinsburg
OR Series 1, Vol. 2, Page 116 Thirty-five locomotives destroyed at Martinsville
NP, AS 6-26-61 Destruction at Martinsburg
NP, NR 6-26-61 Destruction of locomotives and cars
NP, NYT 6-26-61 Destruction at Martinsburg detailed
ORN Series 1, Vol. 5, Page 753 RR iron shipments to Wilmington
ORN Series 1, Vol. 5, Page 753 RR iron on schooner
NP, NYT 7-1-61 Destruction at Martinsburg
NP, AS 7-3-61 46 locomotives destroyed west of Harper's Ferry
NP, NR 7-12-61 Burned cars and locomotives
NP, NYT 7-17-61 52 locomotives destroyed at Martinsburg
NP, HW 7-20-61 Sketches of destruction near Harpers Ferry
NP, NYT 8-25-61 5 locomotives being removed from Martinsburg
NP, NR 8-30-61 2 locomotives and machinery removed
OR Series 1, Vol. 5, Page 587 Report of 9 miles of track and 5 locomotives taken from Martinsburg
NP, AS 9-11-61 5 locomotives have been removed from Martinsburg
NP, NYT 9-13-61 7 or 8 locomotives being removed
NP, NYT 9-27-61 3 locomotives have been removed
B16, B&O 9-30-61 Company report of damage and loss
NP, NR 10-3-61 Still dismantling locomotives
NP, NR 10-11-61 Debris of locomotive movement still in Winchester
NP, AS 10-23-61 Alexander, Loudon & Hampshire RR rails removed
NP, LN 11-10-61 Everything belonging to the Baltimore & Ohio RR in Martinsburg has been removed
BO 12-2-1861 Iron still being removed
NP, LN 12-18-61 Another locomotive has been removed
BO 3-3-1862 Baltimore & Ohio RR reclaiming its iron from the Winchester & Potomac RR
BO 3-9-1862 Bridges down, cars in the way, track removed
BO 3-28-1862 Burned engines repaired
BO 4-19-1862 Burned engines repaired
B18, W&P 7-27-62 Trip up the Winchester & Potomac RR
OR Series 1, Vol. 19, Part 2, Page 340.htm Locomotives being removed from Manassas
ORN Series 1, Vol. 15, Page 306 St. John's RR iron captured
B16, B&O 10-30-64 Company report of damage and loss
NA, RRB 5-26-65 Loyalty Oath
OR Series 1, Vol. 47, Part 3, Page 610 Major Morfit and Salisbury POW camp
B16, B&O 10-30-67 Company locomotives recovered

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