Reference Meaning Repository Location
B16 Baltimore & Ohio RR wartime annual reports University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum Baltimore, Md.
BO Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum Baltimore, Md.
NP Newspapers Various Various
ORN Official Records of the Union & Confederate Navies Many libraries and on CD from Guild Press Many

Comments and Warnings Regarding the Transcribed Documents

1. The transcriptions from the Official Records, newspapers and books are from printed copies; therefore, transcription errors are someone else's.
2. Most other transcriptions are from the original (usually microfilmed) documents. Since these documents were in cursive writing, and were often written in a hurry, there are bound to be transcription errors on my part. Unless the meaning of the document is changed by a possible error in transcription, I have made little effort to resolve transcription problems (ie I have not tried to verify the initials of the names of various quartermasters). 
3. I have attempted to identify railroads and railroad personnel in the transcriptions. Otherwise, I have rarely provided editorial notes.