Reference Meaning Repository Location
B16 Baltimore & Ohio RR wartime annual reports University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum Baltimore, Md.
BO Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum Baltimore, Md.
NP Newspapers Various Various

Comments and Warnings Regarding the Transcribed Documents

1. The transcriptions from the Official Records, newspapers and books are from printed copies; therefore, transcription errors are someone else's.
2. Most other transcriptions are from the original (usually microfilmed) documents. Since these documents were in cursive writing, and were often written in a hurry, there are bound to be transcription errors on my part. Unless the meaning of the document is changed by a possible error in transcription, I have made little effort to resolve transcription problems (ie I have not tried to verify the initials of the names of various quartermasters). 
3. I have attempted to identify railroads and railroad personnel in the transcriptions. Otherwise, I have rarely provided editorial notes.