Biography of Charles M. Williams

 No biography exists for Williams in the National Archives. Below is my biography. Entries in blue are references and my additions

   Charles M. Williams has not been found in the 1860 Census. At the start of the war, he enlisted in the 14th Mississippi Infantry Regiment at Corinth, Mississippi, having travelled 100 miles to join up (which distance would almost exactly cover travel from either Memphis or Decatur). When he was appointed an officer, he was listed as from Tennessee. Since he was appointed a Quartermaster Captain and twice recommended for promotion to Major, and since he supervised the repair of railroad bridges, and since he was in charge of railroad transportation, it seems likely that he was an employee of a railroad before the war. No information about him has been found, except what is in the government records.
   According to his enlistment record, Williams was 25 years old in 1861.
May 25, 1861 Mustered in to Company K of 14th Mississippi Volunteers (Capt. J. W. Benoit's Company) at Corinth, Miss. His company was stationed at Bowling Green, Ky. until the end of 1861, when it was transferred to Clinton, Miss. (ten miles west of Jackson) where it remained until his detachment.
National Archives Service Record
September 22, 1862 Transferred upon appointment to Quartermaster's Department
National Archives Service Record
September 14, 1863 Reports his status as Post QM to QM General, from Gainesville, Ala.
NA, RRB 9-14-63
October 16, 1863 Recommended for promotion to Major
NA, RRB 10-16A-63
February 26, 1864 Ordered to report for duty to Whitfield
NA, RRB 7-22-64
March 7, 1864 Asks QMG to order a QM to issue what Whitfield calls for to repair Mobile & Ohio RR
NA, RRB 3-3A-64
NA, RRB 3-7A-64
NA, RRB 3-7B-64
NA, RRB 3-8A-64
NA, RRB 3-10-64
April 23, 1864 Looking for a book keeper
NA, RRB 4-23A-64
NA, RRB 4-27-64
April 25, 1864 Wants his funds sent by express
NA, RRB 4-25-64
July 10, 1864 Ordered by Whitfield to take his office duties
NA, RRB 7-10-64
July 22, 1864 Gives reply to Inspecting Officer
NA, RRB 7-22-64
November 19, 1864 Ordered to send supplies by passenger train
NA, DAMELA 11-19-64
December 4, 1864 Recommended for promotion to Major
NA, RRB 12-4-64
NA, RRB 12-14-64
December 15, 1864 Ordered to hold trains sufficient to remove stores from Meridian and Enterprise
NA, DAMELA 12-15-64
December 23, 1864 Ordered to not interfere with salt shipments
NA, DAMELA 12-23-64
December 30, 1864 Do not send cars to remove anything from Columbus
NA, DAMELA 12-30A-64
Ordered to repair Mobile & Ohio RR north of West Point
NA, DAMELA 12-30B-64
January 20, 1865 Ordered to move a body of troops
NA, DAMELA 1-20-65
March 17, 1865 Ordered to prepare for movement of prisoners
NA, DAMELA 3-17-65
NA, DAMELA 3-23-65
March 22, 1865 Given orders regarding Train Guards
NA, DAMELA 3-22-65
April 6, 1865 Release one of the two trains being held
NA, DAMELA 4-6-65
April 11, 1865 Discusses transportation plans west of Mobile
NA, RRB 4-11-65
May 9, 1865 Paroled at Meridian, Miss.
NA, RRB 5-9-65