NA, RRB 4/11/1865

Office Chief RR Transpt
Meridian Miss April 11th 65
Col. E. Surget
A. A. G.
   One half of the 40,000 rations ordered by Genl Forest's CS through Maj Dameron to be placed at Gainesville consists of Hard Bread which is still at this place. You mentioned that you supposed this was merely a precautionary arrangement. Until further orders from you will not run trains above this point {Mobile & Ohio RR} unless you should learn that the Hard Bread will certainly be required, in which event I will send it up. The two Extra Trains from Mobile have not yet arrived. Have the up Passenger train & one small Train from East side of River ready to return to Mobile so soon a Road is clear. I am telegraphed to learn whether or not all of the stores in Mobile can be shipped by boats or directed Transpt Agt to reserve as many Trains as possible for special purpose.
Respt &c
Chas M Williams
Capt & AQM