Biography of Charles C. Sims

 Entries in blue are references and my additions

   Charles Combs Sims was listed in the 1860 Census in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. He was born in 1834, in Georgia, and had real estate worth $3,000 and personal property worth $6,000. He was a merchant (co-owner of a grocery business), with a wife, Eleanor Harris (born 1838 in Georgia), whom he had married in 1860. Living with them was Eleanor Blake, born in 1800 in Georgia and possessing $16,000 personal property. In requesting the appointment of Charles, Frederick Sims stated the Charles was not liable for military duty. He was also stated to have excellent business qualifications. Frederick wrote that he had "earnestly solicited" Charles to accept the position and Charles had agreed. Major W. H. Smith, in May, 1864, claimed that Charles was Frederick's brother. He died in 1893 in Macon; Eleanor died in 1927.
Charles C. Sims -- Captain & Assistant Quartermaster
April 15, 1862 Had been assigned to Quartermaster duties in Augusta long enough before this date to study the railroad freight transfer situation and write a report to the Quartermaster General.
MISC, RR 4-15-62
August 8, 1863 Major Frederick W. Sims requested he be assigned to be Major Sims' assistant, to run the Bureau while the Major was out of Richmond. 
August 14, 1863 Acts in Sims place at RR Bureau
September 2, 1863 Major Sims orders him to assist getting supplies forward at Columbus
September 5, 1863 Bond signed
MISC, RRB 9-5-63
September 9, 1863 Ordered to report to Maj. Peters in Atlanta
September 19, 1863 In Richmond, acts in Major Sims stead
October 31, 1863 Commuted Quarters and Fuel paid
November 21, 1863 Paid for special train from Augusta to Wilmington
November 30, 1863 Commuted Quarters and Fuel paid
December 9, 1863 Major Carrington annoys me with his dispatches
December 15, 1863 Asks Major Sims if all cotton shipments had to be on War Department account or could some be on the Navy Department account
Tells Major Sims he will stick with him, to ignore his letter
December 17, 1863 Reports to Major Sims that two trains are promised by East Tennessee & Georgia RR
December 23, 1863 Ordered to push forward Commissary corn in preference 
December 28, 1863 Reports to Major Sims that he is having a problem with Quartermaster Major Winnemore and asks to be ordered to Richmond to explain the situation to Major Sims and the Quartermaster General
January 11, 1864 Paid for special trains
January 19, 1864 Reports to Sims that chartered trains are slow to arrive
January 21, 1864 Was telegraphed by Capt Sharp with request to let his cars of corn run through to Charlotte
NA, CS 1-21-64
January 23, 1864 East Tennessee & Georgia RR promises 4 trains for Sims' control
January 25, 1864 Tells QM General that he has 3 trains to get cotton to Wilmington
January 26, 1864 Maj. Smith reports on his supplying trains for corn and his fitness for his job
NA, CS 1-26-64
NA, CS 2-1-64
February 3, 1864 Reports to Maj. Smith that Express Company owns 20 to 30 cars
NA, CS 2-3-64
February 5, 1864 Maj. Smith reports that Sims has a very important plan regarding distribution of supplies from districts to armies
NA, CS 2-5A-64
February 6, 1864 Col. Sims tell him that authority will be granted to force the cotton shipment
February 8, 1864 Maj. Smith characterizes him
NA, CS 2-8-64
February 15, 1864 Col. Sims reports the Capt. Sims reports encouraging news regarding transportation
NA, QMR 2-15D-64
February 17, 1864 Confirmed in duty and rank by the C. S. Senate
February 18, 1864 Asks East Tennessee & Georgia RR to run trains to Wilmington
Answers QMG regarding detention of cars
NA, QMR 3-19B-64
February 24, 1864 Col. Sims asks about (cotton?) trains and advises of possibility of them being seized
February 25, 1864 Col. Sims asks for status of corn shipments
February 29, 1864 Pays for rental of Central (of Georgia) RR trains
March 3, 1864 Cotton turned over to him for transportation to Wilmington
March 9, 1864 Noted as assigning space on the cotton trains from Augusta to Wilmington
NA, RR 3-9-64
March 16, 1864 Only one passenger train per day is allowed -- all other trains for government freight
March 19, 1864 Ordered to impress cotton trains if stopping one passenger train does not clear Augusta of Government freight
March 30, 1864 With other Quartermasters, receives direction to suspend passenger trains if Government freight needs transportation
A report has not been received
April 1, 1864 QM General wants to know if the South Carolina RR has resumed 2 passenger trains daily
April 4, 1864 QM General wants him to control all railroad transportation in Augusta
April 8, 1864 Reports he has never had a clerk
NA, QMR 4-8A-64
April 14, 1864 Warned that there was no corn in Wilmington for shipment to Richmond and this was not to be allowed
Reports he does not have time for transportation duties and proposes a relief
NA, QMR 4-14A-64
April 15, 1864 A report of his, concerning transportation in Augusta, is forwarded to Genl. Bragg
April 23, 1864 Mentioned in a report by Maj. Smith
NA, CS 4-23-64
April 26, 1864 Receives proposal for cotton trains
April 27, 1864 Ordered to ship all corn possible through Charlotte because Wilmington is backed up
May1, 1864 Maj. Smith claims Capt Sims is the brother of Col. Sims
NA, CS 5-1-64
May 7, 1864 Ordered to send corn by Columbia since Wilmington is backed up
May 11, 1864 Maj. Smith notes that Capt Sharp has asked Sims for help
NA, CS 5-11-64
May 18, 1864 Ships gunboat shafting to Columbus
NA, RRB 5-18-64
May 23, 1864 Paid for rental of Central (of Georgia) RR train
June 2, 1864 Approved pay for Receipting Clerk
July 15, 1864 Asked to explain why bricks were shipped
August 10, 1864 List of detailed men working for him
Instructed to provide transportation for medical supplies
August 20, 1864 Given additional duties
August 23, 1864 Ordered to give QM corn preference over all other freight
Pays for extra labor loading cars
October 6, 1864 Report on possible private furniture
October 21, 1864 Ordered to reduce wood traffic on South Carolina RR
NA, QMR 10-14B-64
October 26, 1864 Winnemere reports on letter endorsement to Sims
NA, QMR 10-26B-64
October 31, 1864 Pays for watchman at stables
November 12, 1864 Received telegram from QM at Montgomery
November 22, 1864 Paid for alteration to gas line in the Augusta office
December 8, 1864 Receives weekly shipping report instructions
December 11, 1864 Location of his office published
December 16, 1864 Sample of shipments by him
January 10, 1865 Ordered to assume more transportation duties
January 24, 1865 Was notified that a new officer had been assigned in his area
February 22, 1865 Still working in Augusta