Galveston & Houston Junction

The road was needed to connect the Galveston, Houston & Henderson RR to the Houston & Texas Central RR and into the city of Houston. Its construction in 1862 used rails and cars purchased by the Houston, Trinity & Tyler RR. Two permanent bridges were not completed until October 1865 and the road may not have been in operation before that date.
Black's Number Not listed (map)
Track Probably 2 miles of 5 foot 6 inch gauge of unknown type and weight
Locomotives None; 3
Cars Probably none, using the Galveston, Houston & Henderson rolling stock
Stations 2
Officers 2
Significant Documents
NP, GCGW 4-16A-61
NP, HT 7-9-62
NA, G&HJ 9-21-63
NA, G&HJ 10-15-63
NA, G&HJ 11-12-63
NA, G&HJ 11-12A-63
NA, RRB 11-12-63
NA, RRB 11-23-63
NA, DT 11-25-63
NP, HT 1-20-64
NA, G&HJ 3-16-64
NP, SG 12-14-64