Biography of J. M. Fairbanks

Below is my biography of Lieutenant Fairbanks. There is no biography of him in the National Archives.

   Jason M. Fairbanks started his service as a clerk in the AAG office of the Armies of Mississippi and of Tennessee. In the summer of 1863, he traveled to Richmond, seeking an appointment as a Clerk in the Treasury Department or a commission as 1st Lieutenant of Engineers. While in Richmond, he met Commissioner Charles Garnett of the Iron Commission and convinced him that he was the potential junior officer that Garnett had desired to have on the Commission. Fairbanks was appointed and Agent of the Commission October 17, 1863 and served with the Commission for the rest of the war. He was commissioned Lieutenant April 5, 1864 and was paroled at the end of the war (but the parole has neither date nor location on it).
   Fairbanks had served before the war as Assistant Engineer on the construction of the Atlantic, Florida & Gulf Central RR. In the 1860 Census, he was 26 years old and living alone in Jacksonville, Fla. He was listed as a Civil Engineer, born in New York.
   In the 1870 Census, Fairbanks was again living in Florida.
Late 1861 While in Tennessee, attempted to get a commission as an Engineer officer
Spring 1862 Was a clerk in the Assistant Adjutant General's office of the 3rd Corps of the Army of Mississippi
January 14, 1863 Sold his horse and saddle to the army
February 28, 1863 Sold Clerk's supplies to the army
May, 1863 Applied for Clerkship in the Treasury Department
August 22, 1863 Applied for commission as an Engineer officer
October 16, 1863 Commissioner Garnett requested his assignment to assist the Iron Commission
October 17, 1863 Commenced his duties as an Agent to the Iron Commission
November 18, 1863 Offers to buy the iron on the Florida RR
January 13, 1864 Tried to get Yulee to appoint an appraiser for the iron about to be removed from the Florida RR
January 20, 1864 Received advanced pay in Tallahassee to comply with attached (missing) orders
March 7, 1864 Tried for the second time to get Yulee to appoint an appraiser for the iron about to be taken from the Florida RR
March 31, 1864 Was paid for bills in Savannah
April 5, 1864 Appointed 1st Lieutenant, Engineers
April 29, 1864 Telegraphed Garnett regarding Florida RR iron
May 12, 1864 Noted as being in immediate charge of the Lawton & Live Oak RR construction
June 14, 1864 Was noted as being a defendant in a case relating to the removal of the Florida RR iron.
Reported difficulty getting a locomotive from Florida RR
NA, DF 6-14-64
June 19, 1864 Superintendent of Pensacola & Georgia RR was suggested to see Fairbanks for help in repairing his road after heavy rains
NA, DF 6-19-64
June 30, 1864 Paid for extensive travel in Georgia and Florida during the past quarter
July 5, 1864 Again addressed as a defendant in the Florida RR case.
July 17, 1864 Informed he will not be protected from arrest by courts
NA, DF 7-17-64
July 22, 1864 Asks for impressment of 25 additional slaves
NA, DF 7-22-64
October 18, 1864 Reported status of road construction
End of War Paroled