Tennessee & Alabama

A charter was obtained in 1853 to build a road from Nashville to Columbia, Tennessee, where it would connect with a road from Decatur, Alabama. It was in full operation in 1860.

On July 1, 1861, the Central Southern, Tennessee & Alabama, and Tennessee & Alabama Central Railroads renewed an annual agreement to operate as three financial entities under the name Nashville & Decatur Railroad.

Black's Number Part of 71 (map)
Track 49 miles of 5 foot gauge of unknown type and 57# weight
Locomotives 5; 5 names
Cars 36
Stations 10
Officers President
Annual Reports
7-1-66 President
Significant Documents
NP, NUA 1-1D-61
NP, MAP 10-11-61
NP, SW 3-5-62
NA, N&D 3-12-62
OR Series 1, Vol. 7,  Page 429
NA, ENG 2-4-63
NA, ENG 2-19-63
NA, ENG 5-29A-63
NA, SWT 5-29-63
NA, ENG 6-1-63
NA, ENG 6-4B-63
NA, ENG 6-6-63
NA, ENGR 6-6-63
NA, ENG 6-15-63
NA, ENG 6-16-63
LVA, RRB 6-18E-63
NA, ENG 6-19D-63
NA, ENG 6-20A-63
NP, MAR 6-25-63
RRBAT 10-13-1863
RRBAT 10-13A-1863
NP, CE 12-12-64
NP, RD 12-29A-64