NA, ENG 2/11/1863

Engineer Bureau
February 11th, 1863
Endorsement on letter from O. C. Boone to the Commissary General requesting that the Rail Road from Athens, Ala. to Columbia, Tenn. be {re?}constructed.
   "The repairs of the Rail Road between Athens, Ala. and Columbia, Tenn. {Tennessee & Alabama Central RR and Central Southern RR} can only be made under the protection of Genl. Johnston's forces. A copy of this letter will be sent to Genl. Jn asking him to assign one of the Engineer Officers to divide {direct?} the work, if it be practicable for him to protect the operations."
   "Respectfully returned to Col. Northrop."
J. F. Gilmer
Col. & Chf of Engr Bureau