NA, N&D 3/12/1862

Genl. A. S. Johnson
Com. of the W. Division of the Army of the Conf. States
   The undersigned, principal officers and agents of the Tenn & Alabama, Central Southern & Tenn & Ala Central Rail Road Companies, known and operated as the "Nashville & Decatur Railroad Line", would respectfully represent to you that they have diligently used every exertion within their power to aid and assist in transporting the Military Stores and Soldiers over their Road, nearly in every instance giving a preference to Government Service to the exclusion of the transportation and travel of citizens much to the detriment of the citizens offering produce for shipment as also to the stockholders owning the respective roads. The undersigned would further respectfully represent, that at different times under Military Authority, Locomotives and rolling stock, have been taken off from our roads, much to the inconvenience and detriment of the road, as well as to the public service and transported to other roads and most of it is scattered, we know not where, and such as has been found, is in a damaged condition.
   We would also represent, that more recently, the bridges have been burned, upon the Tenn & Ala Railroad (which extends from Nashville to Columbia) passing through the most fertile and productive portion of Middle Tennessee and said Road as a medium of commerce, being literally destroyed, to the inhabitants as well as to the stockholders, yielding as it did to that Road, from Five to Eight hundred dollars net per day, without leaving with the agents of the Road any evidence by whose authority the damage has been done, or what indemnity they have for thus being injured. Owing to the recent disasters that have befallen our Army and the inevitable confusion that would necessarily follow, we are compelled to make many allowances, but we would respectfully ask that some system be adopted by which injury done citizens be ascertained and that a mode of reparation be established because in some instances the support of families, whose income is derived from investments in Railroads, is destroyed, therefore we pray that some plan of remuneration be suggested and adopted, by which we can give assurance and satisfaction to those whom we have the honor to represent.
Very respectfully
Yr obt Serts.

John S. Claybrook

Presdt of Tenn & Alabama R. R. Co.

Tho Martin

Pres Central Southern R R Co

Jas W Sloss

Prest Ten & Ala Central RR Co

{Date is the date received and is marked on the back of the letter}