Shelby Coal Company

Little information has been located on this railroad, though its Superintendent attended a railroad convention in Augusta, Ga. in December, 1862.

One source says the Shelby Iron Works operated a small coal mine in Boothton, Al., about 24 miles west of the Shelby works, in the Cahaba coal field. I have found no evidence for a railroad in that area during the war.

The Shelby Coal Company RR was a spur off the Alabama Coal Company RR. The railroad distance from the mine to the Shelby Iron Works was about also 24 miles.

One source says that the Shelby Iron Works bought a part interest in some coal mines in 1864, including the railroad to them. This could not be the same road, because of the dates.

Black's Number Not on Black's maps (map)
Track 4? miles of unknown gauge of unknown type and weight
Locomotives Probably none
Cars Probably none
Stations 1
Officers Superintendent
Significant Documents
OR Series 4, Vol. 2, Page 270
UA, SIW 10-20-63
UA, SIW 11-16-63
B8, ALA 4-16-64
UA, SIW 1-26-65
UA, SIW 3-1-65