UA, SIW 11/16/1863

Shelby Coal Mines Nov 16/63
Mr. A. T. Jones
Dear Sir,
   I received your letter of the 12 Saturday evening I received your letter from Selma in due time I have not received any Cars yet the Cars you speak of in your letter was left on thursday they was sent to the Mobile & Selma Company I red the bill my self I think the Conductor made a mistake in who they was for I wish you would Mr Rothrock to send cars with Brakes they often send them without Brakes there has been two accidents here in a few days the M&S Co smashed up 5 cars and killed 1 mule all on account of poor Brakes I have no Oil I wrote to Mr Hall for Oil last Tuesday the oil ought to be promptly attended to so we will always have it on hand
   I hope Mr Hall will send the wagon Boalster & Shoes as soon as possible Some of the Boys is barefoot
   I think Mr Edwards had better come down Soon the hands are anxious to see him You had better get him to regulate the price of Provisions with the hands when he comes
Yours &c
J. C. Vaughan