Mobile & Spring Hill

This very short line was chartered in 1860 and completed in 1862 from Spring Hill to Mobile. During the War, it was not a steam railroad, using only small, horse-drawn city carts.
Black's Number 63 (map)
Track 8 miles of unknown gauge of "light" (40 pound?) T rail
Locomotives None
Cars None
Stations 2
Officers Four
Significant Documents
NP, MAR 1-18-62
NA, M&SH 5-1-62
NA, DAF 5-4-62
NA, M&SH 1-1-63
NP, MEN 7-20A-63
NP, MAR 1-3-64
NP, MAR 2-2-64
NA, ENG 2-15A-64
NA, ENG 3-1A-64
NA, ENG 3-3A-64
NA, ENG 3-22-64
NA, ENG 3-22A-64
NA, ENG 3-22B-64
NA, ENG 4-5-64
NA, ENG 4-27A-64
NA, ENG 4-28-64
NP, MAR 5-6-64
NP, MAR 5-8-64
NA, M&SH 5-21-64
NA, M&SH 5-21A-64
NA, ENG 6-24G-64
NA, ENG 7-22-64