NA, ENG 6/24G/1864

   Endorsement on letter from Lt. Col. Meriwether relative to the value of any iron. Recommends that mil force be used to secure the remainder as also that of Spring Hill Mobile Ala. States that he has recd. no money yet.   Dated 24 May 1864
Eng. Bureau  24 June 1864   Resp'y referred to the Hon Sec'y of War requesting his instructions in regard to the question of taking without further delay the rails of the Fla. & Ala. R. R. (Presdt Mr. Avery) now in Fla. & also of the {Mobile &} Spring Hill R. R. Mobile Ala. I am convinced, as Col. Meriwether states that no iron can be obtained except by prompt military actions, prompted by the absolute wants of the Confederacy. I see no alternative but to pursue this course. If the main and absolutely essential lines are to be kept up at the expense of the secondary & comparatively useless ones.
A. L. Rives
Col. &c