NP, MAR 5/8/1864

From the Mobile Advertiser & Record
May 8, 1864
The {Mobile &} Spring Hill Railroad
   The application in the matter of the Spring Hill Railroad, for an injunction against the Company to restrain them from keeping their own property -- for we do not know a better way to define it -- was heard by Judge Jones, Friday morning, and dismissed. The President, thereupon gave notice of his intention to file an application for an injunction against the parties who are "making a raid" against the road. This application will be heard in a few days, and meanwhile the "raiding party are required to abstain from any interference.
   What will be the upshot of the affair, we do not know. Common sense and right are in favor of the Company, but it is said that the "raiders" have the countenance of a distinguished gentleman in an influential position at Richmond, who, for reasons best known to himself, bears no particular good will to Mobile.
{Almost all RR presidents would file any suite against the government that they could to prevent the removal of their iron for two very good reasons -- they would loose their income if the road ceased running and they would (depending on their age -- and most were of the affected ages) become liable to conscription if they lost their position as president of an operating RR.}