NA, RRB 8/1C/1863

Confederate States of America
Railroad Bureau
Richmond, Va., August 1st, 1863
{No recipient is given for this letter, but it appears that it was probably sent to every RR President}
Dear Sir,
   I beg leave to call your attention to the accompanying orders and remarks bearing upon the management of Railroads in the Confederacy, so far as it concerns the transportation of Government freeights and troops. An observance of them will accomplish much towards that harmonious and efficient action so greatly desired by Government.
   I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
F. W. Sims
Major and Q. M. in charge of Bureau
{The documents below were printed as part of this letter}

OR Series 4, Vol. 2, Page 225

OR Series 4, Vol. 2, Page 295

NA, RRB 3-23-63

OR Series 4, Vol. 2, Page 579

OR Series 4, Vol. 1, Page 1010

NA, RRB 7-1-63

NA, RRB 3-18A-63
NA, RRB 3-21A-63
NA, RRB 6-10A-63
NA, RRB 6-20-63