NA, RRB 7/1/1863

Adjutant & Inspector Generals Department
Railroad Bureau, Richmond July 1st 1863
   I. The government does not design interfering with the management of railroads, but it claims, and the railroads have conceded, preference in the transportation of its troops and freights over any and every private interest. It is not expected, nor is the Government willing that this privilege shall be disturbed by the transfer of cars or engines from one road to another. Under any and all circumstances, the Government expects to be first served, and when this is accomplished, there will be no interruption to the regular course of transportation for individuals.
   II. No detail man, nor conscript can change his employer, either with or without the consent of the latter. Should it be done, the employer must immediately comply with the requirements made in General Orders No. 30 and 32.
   III. Employers will not keep detailed men nor conscripts, longer than their services are actually needed, but will return them to the proper officers. Details are made with the understanding that the employer will be responsible for the constant employment of the parties at the occupation specified, or that they will be returned to the proper military authorities.
   IV. Railroad Companies have been classed with "contractors under the Government," and are therefore subject to all the orders issued from the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office respecting conscripts and detailed men.
F. W. Sims, Capt. & A. A. G.