NA, RRB 6/20/1863

Confederate States of America
Bureau of Conscription
Richmond, Va., June 20th, 1863
Capt. F. W. Sims
Railroad Bureau, Adjutant General's Office
   Your attention is respectfully called to the circular of the 10th ultm from the War and Navy Department, which I consider to cover the case, noted in conversation by you a few days since, and of the existence of which I was not then aware.
You can, therefore, inform the Railroad Companies, that such is the opinion of this Bureau, and that on your representation any exempt who shall leave his employment without a proper discharge and written permission from the proper officer of the Company for which he has been working will be conscribed, and the Company giving him employment without such discharge and written permission is liable to the penalty stated in the Circular. These remarks are of course only applicable to such railroads as have contracts with the Government, but it is supposed that all are included in this class.
   I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
G. W. Lay
Lieut. Col., A. A. G., Acting Chief of Bureau
   Note -- The conversation referred to Lieut. Col. G. W. Lay, was in reference to men exempt under the act, and in reply to my enquiry whether they could change employees at will. This question is thus settled by the proper authority, and managers of Railroad will be governed accordingly.
F. W. Sims
Capt. & A. A. G.