Biography of James P. Robertson

Since James P. Robertson was not in the Confederate Army there is no biography of him in the National Archives; below is my biography of the man. 

   James was first identified with railroads when he served as an Assistant Engineer, laying out the 1st Division of the North Carolina Railroad in 1851. Later, he was the Superintendent (and probably Engineer) of the Western RR up to his move to be Superintendent of the Wilmington & Manchester RR from 1856 into 1862. He resigned his Wilmington & Manchester RR position in late 1862 because of poor health. Since this was during the Yellow Fever epidemic that year, he probably was one of those who suffered from the disease. To recover his health, he left Wilmington and resumed the position of Superintendent of the Western RR. By January of 1864, with his health recovered, he was looking for more active employment and was recommended by his Wilmington & Manchester RR President, Thomas Walker, to Major Sims for duty in the Railroad Bureau. He was appointed an Agent in the Bureau and made responsible for Government Transportation on the railroads in North Carolina, starting July 2, 1864. A receipt for his pay shows that he was in that position on October 1st. No later records have been found for him.
   In the 1860 Census, James was living in Wilmington with his wife, E. G., and two small children. James was born in 1827 in Virginia and his wife was born in 1833 in North Carolina. They had no Real Property, but $25,000 Personal Property (probably mostly slaves).
October 1, 1861 Made his Annual Report as Superintendent to the President of the Wilmington & Manchester RR
October 6, 1861 Ordered car wheels from Tredegar
October 25, 1861 Purchased a lot of rails from Tredegar
October 30, 1861 Changes his road's schedule
November 8, 1861 His success as Wilmington & Manchester RR Superintendent is praised in the Wilmington Journal
January 8, 1864 Recommended to Major Sims as an agent in his Bureau
March 12, 1864 Appointed an Agent in the Rail Road Bureau
March 21, 1864 Reported to Sims regarding RRs working together and building cars
NA, RRB 3-21A-64
May 5, 1864 Reports to QMG on work done by North Carolina RR in April
NA, QMR 5-5C-64
May 12, 1864 QMG received a contract made by Robertson with Manassas Gap RR
NA, QMR 5-12-64
July 21, 1864 Paid for traveling over North Carolina railroads under his charge, as RR Bureau Agent