Tredegar Purchases by Railroads

   Attached to many railroads' main page is a link to the purchases by that road from the Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond. 

   The wheel information is taken from Financial documents, since I have not found the Machine Shop records. The other items come from Foundry records. This is a sample entry of this type: Virginia Central Railroad Tredegar Purchases

  Remember that western railroads probably made purchases from the Etowah Iron Works, the Selma Iron Works, and the Atlanta Iron Works -- records of none of these businesses have been located. Records of the Shelby Iron Works have been located and their sales entered for the railroads concerned.
   The railroads were also supported by the purchases of the Railroad Bureau and the Engineer Bureau.

Railroad Bureau Tredegar Purchases

Engineer Bureau Tredegar Purchases

   In addition to the needs of the railroads and the Confederate Ordnance Bureau, Tredegar supplied numerous smaller customers (all doing war work) and two other Government units with large requirements.

Non-Railroad Tredegar Purchases

Other Purchases From Tredegar

   In late 1864, Tredegar found it necessary to purchase corn for its workers by consigning shipments of iron bars to an agent in southwestern Georgia to be sold for corn. These consignments were: May  51,590#; July  2,105#; October  35,480#;  November  19,880#; December  4,000#. Also, the September sale of 21,315# of bar iron to the Greenville & Columbia RR was to be paid for in corn in Columbia, S. C.