Track Repair Requirements

It is easy to miss just how much was required to keep a railroad's track in repair. Below are tables showing the major material requirements for one railroad. 
1. The very large number of T-Rail required in 1862 in section 5 was caused by replacing the flat bar track with T-Rail.
2. Many of the bars removed were repaired and re-laid, greatly reducing the number of new bars required.
3. Sills and Stringers were only replaced when rotted and useless.
4. Numbers of Keys, Frogs, Switches and Switch Stands were also required.
5. The Length refers to the Main Line and does not include sidings.
6. Material used was limited to what was available and does not indicate the additional material required.
Richmond & Danville Track Repair Material 1862
Richmond & Danville Track Repair Material 1863
Richmond & Danville Track Repair Material 1864