Diary of Thomas R. Sharp
   As outlined on my Biography of Thomas R. Sharp, Sharp was a Captain in the Quartermaster branch of the Army. He held three very interesting positions during the war -- Commander of the removal of captured Baltimore & Ohio RR rolling stock, Officer in charge of the Confederate States Army Locomotive Shop in Raleigh, and Superintendent of the Charlotte & South Carolina RR.
   Below are links to an annotated, abridged version of the diary of daily activities that Sharp kept from January 1861 through December 1863. Sharp's handwriting is bold, but imprecise, making it impossible to be certain of many words and numbers. Since the diary was kept for his own use, Sharp freely left out words and did not explain who people were or why he was making his many trips. I have attempted to fill in what Sharp left out and I've left out a few events that seem to have no connection to his military and railroad duties and life.
   The original of the diary is at the Virginia Tech University Library, in Blacksburg, VA.