Significant City Rail Gaps

These gaps were not accidental -- every one was caused by the city businessmen and politicians wanting to force spending in their city. City ordinances were adopted that prevented the running of trains on the city streets -- and it was not possible to run a railroad into a town and connect to another railroad without crossing streets. Railroads in the same town were encouraged to configure their passenger train schedules so that passengers had to spend the night in town. The distance between stations gave work to cargo handlers at both stations and draymen to haul the goods from station to station {sample, sample, sample}. Of course, this was very inefficient to the through movement of goods and troops, but local demands died hard. Even in Richmond, the connection of some roads was allowed for only emergency movement of locomotives to prevent them being captured. 

City From RR To RR Distance Gauge Change?
Augusta Augusta & Savannah Georgia / South Carolina 0.3 miles N
Charleston Charleston & Savannah South Carolina / Northeastern 1.6 miles N
Charlotte North Carolina Charlotte & South Carolina 0.0 miles Y
Columbus, Ga. Montgomery & West Point Muscogee 0.0 miles Y
Houston Houston & Texas Central Texas & New Orleans 0.3 miles N
Houston Galveston, Houston & Henderson Houston & Texas Central ? N
Lynchburg Orange & Alexandria Virginia & Tennessee 0.1 mile Y
Memphis Memphis & Charleston Memphis & Ohio 0.9 miles N
Memphis Memphis & Charleston Memphis & Tennessee 1.4 miles N
Memphis Memphis & Ohio Memphis & Tennessee 1.7 miles N
Montgomery Alabama & Florida Montgomery & Eufaula 0.9 miles N
Montgomery Alabama & Florida Montgomery & West Point 1.1 miles Y
Petersburg Richmond & Petersburg Petersburg 0.3 miles N
Petersburg Norfolk & Petersburg Richmond & Petersburg 1.1 miles Y
Petersburg Norfolk & Petersburg Petersburg 0.7 miles Y
Petersburg South Side / Petersburg Richmond & Petersburg 0.3 miles N
Richmond Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Richmond & Petersburg / Richmond & Danville 0.6 miles N
Richmond Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Virginia Central 0.6 miles N
Richmond Virginia Central Richmond & Danville / Richmond & Petersburg 0.4 miles N
Richmond Richmond & York River Richmond & Danville 1.3 miles Y
Richmond Richmond & Danville Virginia Central 0.4 miles Y
Savannah Savannah, Albany & Gulf Central (of Georgia) 0.8 miles N
West Point, Ga. Atlanta & West Point Montgomery & West Point 0.0 miles Y
Wilmington Wilmington & Weldon Wilmington & Manchester 0.3 miles Y

Total mileage

15.1 miles