Biography of S. H. Lamb

 Since he was not in the Army, there is no biography of S. H. Lamb in the National Archives. Below is my biography of the man.

   Lamb was born in 1824. His name is never given, only his initials. In the 1850 census, he is listed as a merchant in Memphis and advertised as a Bookseller and Stationer in the Memphis newspaper in early 1861. I have not found him in the 1860 census, but in March 1862, he was witness on a conveyance of property from Minor Meriwether to Meriwether's wife. This conveyance said that Meriwether had purchased a piece of property in Memphis in 1855 from Lamb and his wife, Estella (who also witnessed the deed). Other hints in the conveyance and the 1850 census indicate that Mrs. Meriwether may have been related to one or the other Lamb. In 1858, he was a Lay Delegate, from Memphis, to a meeting of the Episcopal Church. Lamb owned a slave and sold corn and fodder to the Army in central Mississippi. His service was in central Mississippi and western Alabama. One document calls him a non-conscript. Lamb was elected Secretary of the Mississippi & Tennessee RR in 1867 and for many years afterwards and was again Lay Delegate to an Episcopalian Church meeting that year.
   The last document in the records is for pay and expenses through August 31, 1864. There is no indication in those documents that Lamb's employment had ceased.
   There was a Samuel H. Lamb who was in Company I of the 46th Tenn. Inf. who was buried in Paris, Tenn. in 1866. This is not the subject of this biography.
October 16, 1862 Paid for a month's service as Clerk in the 4th Brigade Quartermaster's Office, in central Mississippi
January 1-15, 1863 Canvassed the northern Mobile & Ohio RR in Mississippi looking for available corn
March 25, 1863 Sold corn and fodder in central Mississippi
July 16-30 Sold small amounts of corn and fodder on each of 4 days, paid in Tuscaloosa
August 28, 1863 Sold a horse to the army in western Alabama
August 30, 1863 Sent on trip from western Alabama to Montgomery as an employee of the QM Department, on Department business
November 1, 1863 to February 2, 1864 Hired a slave to the Army Quartermaster Department in western Alabama
December 31, 1863 Paid board for the month by Major Meriwether, Commissioner for the Collection & Distribution of Iron and noted as being under the Major's orders
January 1 through August 31, 1864 Paid pay and expenses as Clerk and Assistant to Major/Lt. Colonel Meriwether
March 17, 1864 Sent on orders to find and deal with the agent of the Southern (of Mississippi) RR
August 12-13, 1864 Made an official trip from Demopolis to Columbiana