Allen's Plantation

Mr. William Allen's plantation was called Claremont and was on the James River, about 15 miles east of Petersburg. The railroad was constructed in 1855 to haul wood from the plantation lands to the river for sale as firewood for steamers. One locomotive was sold to the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR in February of 1862. A second one and cars were purchased by the Government in 1863. The rail was sold to the Navy in 1862.
Black's Number Not on Black's maps (map) (map)
Track About 12 miles of unknown gauge of flat rail of about 35# weight
Locomotives 2; 1 name
Cars At least 24
Stations 3
Significant Documents
LVA, RF&P 2-15A-62
LVA, RF&P 3-7-62
NP, RD 3-18-62
NA, RRB 6-11-62
NA, CSN 10-3-62
NA, AP 10-12-62
NA, ENG 8-1-63
NA, AP 8-1-63
NA, RR 8-15-63
NA, AP 9-21-63
NA, AP 9-21A-63
NA, AP 7-23-64