Alabama Coal Company

Little information has been located on this railroad. The Alabama Coal Company sold 119 tons of coal to the Government in March and July of 1863. It was sold and the name changed to the Montevallo Coal Mining Company in 1863 and used by that company and the Shelby Iron Works. The Mobile & Selma mine was also on this road. This is the road referred to as "The Coal Road" in correspondence. It joins the Alabama & Tennessee River RR two miles below Montevallo.

This does not appear to be part of the Alabama Arms Manufacturing Company. (see and see)

Black's Number Not on Black's maps (map)
Track 3 miles of 5 foot gauge of unknown weight strap iron
Locomotives Unknown (but at least one letter indicates the road had a locomotive)
Cars Probably none
Stations 1
Officers Several
Significant Documents
NA, AC 6-30-62
UA, SIW 10-x-62
UA, SIW 1-9-63
UA, SIW 2-12-63
UA, SIW 1-23-63
UA, SIW 4-21-63
UA, SIW 5-28-63
UA, SIW 6-17-63
NA, A&TR 6-30-63
UA, SIW 8-18-63
NP, SMR 5-17-64