Wilmington Produce Deliveries

   Listed below are the Produce Deliveries by railroad to Wilmington, as reported in the Wilmington Journal
   Produce Deliveries were not commonly printed in this paper. This one is intended to show the type and volume of produced going into Wilmington in early 1863.
Date Reported Railroad Freight


Wilmington & Manchester
993 bags corn  (6 1/2 car loads)
111 bags pea nuts
99 bags peas
1 box
2 boxes steel
42 bbls molasses
5 boxes harnesses

Above sent to T. D. Driscal, R. H. Blount, W. M. G., J. W. Archer, DeRousset, Brown & Co., Capt C. W. Styron, B. G. Worth & Co., Ellis & Mitchell, D. Ducan, Miles Costin

Wilmington & Weldon
395 bags corn
183 bags meal
28 bags potatoes
5 bbls potatoes
802 pieces bacon
6 bbls bacon
7 bales fodder
1 bureau
4 carboys acid
10 qrs beef
1 car load furniture
7 bbls lard
2 kegs lard

Above sent toDr. Keo, J. Creech, W. A. Williams, W. N. Fuller, C. H. Harriss, E. Muarry & Co., W. D. Smith, M. & Co., J. A. Willard, J. H. Savage, W. & M. R. R., J. B. Southerland, Drane & Southerland, Colville, Parsons, A. J. Yopp, Capt. Scheneck, Col. DeLagnel