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The first generation of the site is almost complete. The information paragraph for many of the roads remains to be written, but the rest of the site is UP!


All information paragraphs are in, though many need additional information. Also, the currency scans are in.


Was awarded the Bronze Smokin' Award from Jerry Hartzler


Was awarded the Railroad Award from Hermann Weigl


Added a significant number of changes based on Railroad & Locomotive History Society information


Added essay To Build a Mile of Southern Track


Added Baldwin production data to locomotives on many files


Added Tennessee Coal RR and corrected the status of the Mobile & Spring Hill RR


Added Central Southern and Tennessee & Alabama Central Railroads and corrected Tennessee & Alabama Railroad


Added essay Builders of Confederate Locomotives and the chart Locomotives by Builder


Added essay Specification for the General


Added Captured Union Locomotives to Essays


Began the long project of adding each railroad's officers


Added link to the Tunnel Hill, Ga. restoration project


Added much data to Texas railroads, thanks to input from George Werner


Added a map of Louisiana in 1863


Added Norris production data to locomotives on many files


Added known Tredegar production data to locomotives on several files. Also updated the Locomotives by Builder statistics.


Changed Tennessee Coal Railroad to Sewanee Mining Company Railroad


Added data from period Memphis newspapers to all Memphis railroads.


Added data to most railroads from the complete list of production of the Rodgers plant.


Added data to a few records from the complete list of the Boston locomotive plant.

Confirmed that the Portland plant only built one locomotive for the Confederate railroads (for the Spartanburg & Union RR, but sold by them to the South Carolina RR before the war).


Began to add pages with details regarding the cars on each road. Also added details of increases and decreases of rolling stock.


Began to add pages with details regarding the track of the few roads where they are available (mostly Virginia roads).


Upon finding a definitive source document, removed the Sewanee RR and restored the Tennessee Coal & Iron RR.


Added a table with the significant rail gaps in the cities.

Began to add the increases and decreases in locomotives for each road.


Added a link under Images to a painting of the Western & Atlantic's "General"


In References, identified the Annual Reports to Stockholders that I have found and give their locations.


Added an Essay on Confederate Railroad Finances.


Added an Essay and supporting pages showing the change in shipments of goods on the Virginia & Tennessee RR as the war progressed.


In References, identified the Annual Reports to States that I have found and give their locations.


Added a link to the appropriate map from each railroad's main page.


Added data to a few records from the complete list of the Amoskeag, Schenectady, and Cook locomotive builders.


Added the specifications for the South Carolina Railroad's 4x6x0 "James S. Corry"


Added a Track page to Macon & Western RR showing the length of each siding/turnout.


Added Freight Classifications to Essays


Added a Track page to East Tennessee & Virginia RR showing the length of each siding/turnout.


Added a Track page to Mobile & Ohio RR showing the length of each siding, the water towers, warehouses, platforms, and turn tables on the entire 400-mile line


Added a Track Sidings page to Virginia & Tennessee RR showing the length of each siding and the weight and type of rail used on each siding.


Added a listing of Memphis & Charleston RR Physical Assets from the 1861 Annual Report


Posted a map of Virginia railroads in 1859 (Va. RR 1859)


Listed the Water Tanks on the Virginia & Tennessee RR, with various details, and listed the Buildings owned by the railroad.


Listed Wood Sheds on the Virginia & Tennessee RR.


Listed the Slaves held by the South Carolina RR in 1861.


Listed Inventories of the storerooms and shops of the Petersburg RR, 1/1/1862


Listed slaves hired by North Carolina RR in 1862 and 1864


Listed Inventories of the South Side RR, 9/31/1861 & 1862 & 1863


Listed Macon & Western RR's Imports for 1863.


Added scan of $1 & $2 bills issued by the Central (of Georgia ) RR and $3 bill issued by the New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR.

Added a link to the 7th Mississippi Regt. site. See the Train Wreck page.


Added Shelby Iron Company Railroad to Alabama.


Added Shelby Coal Company Railroad to Alabama.


Added Montgomery & West Point Cars Details giving truck and spring information.


Inserted a page on the Richmond & Petersburg Slaves


Added a great deal of data throughout the South Carolina RR pages. 

Added a page in Essays on the Disruption of Normal Trade to Charleston


Entered data on 24 railroads from the Affairs of the Southern Railroads


Created a table of the number of Richmond & Danville Employees in each position for each year of the war. Added an essay on Employment Patterns at Various Confederate Railroads.


Described the track and Missionary Ridge tunnel of the East Tennessee & Georgia RR.

Added a table of Mobile & Ohio Rail Wear


Added Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Employees, Virginia & Tennessee Railroad Employees  and Virginia Central Railroad Employees tables showing occupations.


Added a table showing the Central (of Georgia) Articles & Passengers moved from 1861 through 1863.


Began recording Locomotive Usage tables.

Added table showing Charleston & Savannah Articles 1863


Added tables showing the complete set of bridges on the Memphis & Charleston


Added Macon & Brunswick Produce Transported 1863

Added Mobile & Great Northern Bridges

Added Muscogee Passengers & Cotton 1861

Added Montgomery & West Point Passengers 1861

Added Montgomery & West Point Cotton Shipments 1859 - 1862

6/15/03 Added Montgomery & West Point Bridges

Added Nashville & Chattanooga Passengers 1861

Added New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern Passengers 1861

6/17/03 Added Memphis & Charleston War Losses


Added map Virginia & Tennessee Railroad 1856
6/19/03 Added South Western Passengers & Cotton 1861

Added South Western Freight 1861

6/20/03 Added Seaboard & Roanoke Passengers & Freight 1861

Added Raleigh & Gaston Passengers & Freight 1861 & Passengers 1862

6/21/03 Added Northeastern Passengers 1862

Added Petersburg Passengers & Freight1861 & Passengers 1863

Added Vicksburg, Shreveport & Texas Passengers 1861

6/23/03 Added North Carolina Passengers 1861 - 1865

Added Macon & Western Freight 1860 - 1862

Added Macon & Western Passengers 1861, 1862, 1863

6/24/03 Added South Carolina Passengers 1861 - 1863

Added South Carolina Freight Shipments 1860 - 1863

Added Savannah, Albany & Gulf Road & Bridge Repairs

Added Savannah, Albany & Gulf Bridges 1861, 1862, 1863

6/25/03 Added Savannah, Albany & Gulf Passengers 1861 - 1863

Added Savannah, Albany & Gulf Freight 1861 - 1863

Added Essay Substituting Food for Cotton

6/26/03 Added Western & Atlantic Freight 1861 - 1862

Added Etowah Freight 1861 - 1862

Added Wilmington & Manchester Passengers 1861

Added Wilmington & Manchester Freight 1861


Added Western North Carolina Bridges & Water Tanks

Added Western North Carolina Imports

Added Richmond & York River Buildings

Added Richmond & York River Track Equipage

6/30/03 Added an essay on Supplies Brought Through the Blockade
7/2/03 Added an essay on Track Maintenance & Repair

Added a table in Essays, Locomotive Material Requirements

Added Tredegar Sales to Railroads

Added Tredegar Sales to Railroads 1864

7/3/03 Added Virginia Central Passengers 1861 - 1864

Added Virginia Central Freight at Richmond 1861 - 1862 and from Richmond 1861 - 1862 and Virginia Central Freight Movements 1861 - 1865

Added Virginia Central Mileage by Train Type 1861 - 1862

Added Virginia Central Tunnels

Added Virginia Central Imports

7/4/03 Added Richmond & Petersburg Passengers & Freight 1861 - 1863

Added Richmond & Petersburg Freight Details 1861 - 1863

Added Richmond & Petersburg Clover Hill Coal & Freight 1861 - 1863

Added Richmond & Petersburg Mileage by Train Type 1861 - 1863

Added Richmond & Danville Passengers 1861 - 1864

7/7/03 Alan Edwards shared his photo of the Mobile & Girard Railroad Seal
7/13/03 Added  Track Repair Requirements and Richmond & Danville Track Repair Material 1862, 1863, 1864
7/14/03 Added Freight Package Weights
7/15/03 Added map Richmond Area Railroads 1856
7/17/03 Added Atlanta & West Point Track

Added maps Louisiana and East Texas and Virginia Central (Western Section)

7/20/03 Added Wilmington & Weldon Passengers 1861 - 1865

Added Cost of Rolling Stock

Added Richmond & Danville Freight 1861 - 1862 & Richmond & Danville Confederate Freight 1862

7/23/03 Added Virginia & Tennessee Passengers 1860 - 1865, Virginia & Tennessee Freight 1860 - 1865 & Virginia & Tennessee Salt 1860 - 1865
7/29/03 Updated Locomotives by Builder statistics.
8/4/03 Added the Pensacola & Mobile Railroad.
8/10/03 Created a Railroad List
8/16/03 Added Alabama & Florida (of Florida) Track Structures

Added Alabama & Florida (of Florida) "Contributions" to Other Roads

8/22/03 Began to transcribe CS Government documents relating to Railroad Issues
9/28/03 Began to transcribe railroad company documents relating to Railroad Issues
10/9/03 I believe I have transcribed all the railroad issues related letters from the Official Records. If anyone finds one I have not transcribed, please let me know.

In the last 6 weeks, I've visited the Wilmington, NC Public Library, the Florida State Archives, the Georgia State Archives, the North Carolina State Library, and the Virginia Historical Society. Almost all the data I found in those locations has been entered, making major or minor changes to several dozen pages.

10/23/03 Wrote an essay on Slavery and Confederate Railroads
11/10/03 Added Louisville & Nashville Bridges & Track (sidings).
11/15/03 Began the long task of entering transcriptions of all the documents in the Railroad Bureau Archives at the Valentine Museum, Richmond
11/27/03 Added Gordon's Mine Railroad.
12/31/03 Reorganized the presentation of the transcripts of original documents by putting all of them in one list (separated by year) and placing them chronologically
1/10/04 Finished transcribing the Railroad Bureau Archives from the Valentine Museum. I will now start on the documents from the National Archives.

Added a sample of a Freight Way Bill

1/11/04 Began to transcribe documents from the National Archives. The first one is NA, M&S 12-3-62, a detailing of the iron seized for building the Selma & Meridian RR.
1/26/04 Created a table of the number of employees on the Texas & New Orleans Railroad in 1862
2/20/04 Compiled an alphabetical Index of Confederate Railroad Presidents
2/21/04 Compiled an alphabetical Index of Confederate Railroad Superintendents
3/6/04 This site now contains over 1300 pages! I can easily see another 400 pages that I want to add. 

I've completed transcribing 497 web pages of original documents, in chronological order so that you can see the relationships of various lines of communications.

3/18/04 Added Site Search to the  left navigation bar.
3/25/04 Added 9 pages to South Western Railroad
3/26/04 Added transcriptions of two reports on the rolling stock condition of several Texas railroads in 1863. TX 9-12-63  TX 9-17-63
4/11/04 Added a sample of the hundreds of slave labor contracts made by the railroads NA, S&M 1-14-65.

Added Tredegar Railroad Contracts

4/16/04 Added a dozen pages, starting here, showing the resources at the Railroad Bureau's Raleigh, NC Locomotive Shop when it was shut down by the Confederate government.
5/20/04 Numerous changes made to Tennessee railroads as a result of a visit to the East Tennessee Historical Society
6/5/04 Added a list of Significant Confederate Uses of the Railroads
6/26/04 Revised the Essays & Documents page to show the date of most recent update of each page.

Added a Tidbits page.

7/17/04 Added a page linking several examples of Annual Reports
8/1/04 Began linking the significant transcribed documents to the railroads that are mentioned in them.
8/12/04 Rewrote the Hungary Branch Railroad in view of information found in the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR records at the Library of Virginia.
8/13/04 Added Tredegar Sales to Individual Railroads, showing what was sold to each railroad in 1862.
8/26/04 Added the Orange & Alexandria Railroad to the Links page.
9/5/04 Began adding many transcriptions of documents found on a recent visit to the National Archives
10/1/04 In the last week, I've added over 50 transcriptions of the Quartermaster General's outgoing letters and telegrams. I've got at least another 200 to go.
11/24/04 I posted my 900th transcription of Confederate Railroad Documents. I'm sure there are at least another 300 to 500 worth posting.
12/13/04 Reorganized the transcribed documents section to reduce download time for the yearly indexes

Added a couple of references and added information to the Blue Ridge RR

12/19/04 Added a Tidbit and all the Officers of the Piedmont RR.
12/27/04 Transcribed and posted the 1,000th document (Essays & Documents)
1/29/05 Posted the 1,200th transcribed document. All the recent postings have been from the late winter to early spring of 1864. (Essays & Documents)
3/19/05 Essentially all of the railroad related letters and telegrams from the Quarter Master General's letter book have been posted. (Essays & Documents) The last one is from late January 1865 when the Department's documents were moved out of Richmond for safekeeping.
4/3/05 Started posting Tredegar Purchases by Railroad. Over 50 railroads have been posted, but the pages are not complete.
4/14/05 Added two Tidbits and several documents found at the South Caroliniana Library in Columbia, S. C., including new information on Supplies Brought Through the Blockade
4/22/05 Added the first 6 months of 1863 purchases by the various railroads from Tredegar Iron Works. A continuation of the above 4/3/05 entry.
4/23/05 Revised Captured Union Locomotives based on information provided by Karl Dahlberg.
5/27/05 Added Other Railroad Related Purchases From Tredegar

Thanks to Art Bergeron for information on the Red River RR of Louisiana

6/10/05 Added a Tidbit and about a dozen more transcriptions regarding the Alabama & Florida RR (of Florida)
7/1/05 Added a Tidbit and about 20 transcriptions.
7/7/05 Added 24 transcriptions from the outgoing letter book of the Chief of the Engineer Bureau of the Confederate Army. Two significant ones are NA, ENG 9-16-62 and NA, ENG 4-11-62
8/12/05 Added Confederate Military Railroads and a dozen transcriptions.
8/28/05 Added Mississippi & Tennessee Bridges, Buildings, and Trestles
9/8/05 Added Confederate Railroad Construction Plans
9/9/05 Added the statement of work for the locomotive J. R. Anderson to NA, PIW 1-12-64
11/4/05 Added purchase orders for cars and wheels for 3 roads in the early days of 1861
11/7/05 Changed the Contact Me system because of spam attacks.
11/18/05 Added two Biographies of Confederate Railroaders and about 2 dozen transcriptions
11/19/05 Added major battles to the chronological lists of Original Documents to put railroad documents in context of the war.
11/20/05 Posted the 1,700th transcription.
12/9/05 Added Mississippi Central Buildings
12/24/05 Added the Milledgeville Railroad to Confederate Railroad Construction Plans and gave it its own page.
12/30/05 Added a Reference.

Added the sales to the various railroads from Tredegar for the last half of the year 1863

12/31/05 Added Railroad Bureau Tredegar Purchases, Engineer Bureau Tredegar Purchases, Non-Railroad Tredegar Purchases. 1864 data is still incomplete on all such pages.
1/1/06 Rewrote Tredegar Purchases by Railroad

Added Piedmont Railroad Blockade Running Plans

1/2/06 Added all the Acts of Congress related to railroads to Essays & Documents
1/14/06 Added Ambulance cars to Confederate Rolling Stock

Began adding newspaper articles to the Confederate Railroad Documents at Essays & Documents

1/20/06 Added Femantle's Trip on Confederate Railroads
1/21/06 Added 33 Railroad Photographs
1/28/06 Added to Confederate Railroad Construction Plans and to Supplies Brought Through the Blockade
1/29/06 Added a page of Railroad accidents for each year of the war (Essays & Documents)
2/18/06 Updated all the pages related to purchases from Tredegar Iron Works. The one remaining document to search through may change some numbers of wheels and axels, but the bars, spikes and chairs appear to be complete.

Posted a list of Research Questions on Confederate Railroads.

3/11/06 Posted the 1900th transcription. The most recent group has been from the Engineer Bureau Letters Sent for early 1863 and 1865 newspaper reports relating to the arrest of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR's Superintendent on charges of giving information to the enemy. The charges were dropped at the time, but were true, according to Mr. Ruth's postwar claims to the Federal Government for services rendered.
4/8/06 Reformatted the references on Confederate Railroad Construction Plans to ease selecting the links.

Began adding some 150 transcriptions from the Engineer Bureau's outgoing letter book from early 1863.

4/21/06 Posted the 2,000th transcription.
6/30/06 Have posted 200 transcriptions over the last 3 weeks.

Added Confederate Railroad Rails and Navy Armor

8/12/06 Posted the 2,300th transcription.
8/25/06 Added Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR Construction Effort to show how records were kept during construction. Added "Alabama" to the name of that railroad and added many officers.
8/27/06 Posted two lists of iron required to make flat cars. UA, A&TR 11-24-62 & UA, A&TR 9-24-64
8/31/06 Added Alabama & Tennessee River Railroad Shelby Purchases and Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad Shelby Purchases

Added considerable information to the various Shelby Iron Company pages from records reviewed during a visit to the University of Alabama. Much material remains to be reviewed.

9/14/06 Began adding transcriptions from the Tredegar Iron Works outgoing letter books.
10/11/06 Added the Cahaba Coal RR 
10/21/06 Added Alabama Coal RR and Montevallo Coal RR

Posted the 2,400th transcription. Most of the recent postings have been from the Shelby Iron Works archives.

11/19/06 A total of 2,550 documents have been transcribed and posted. Finished posting all the significant railroad-related letters from the Tredegar outgoing letter books. Unfortunately, all of 1863 is missing. 
11/24/06 Revised Captured Union Locomotives based on The Early Motive Power of the Baltimore & Ohio.

Posted the 2,600th transcribed document.

12/22/06 With the discovery of the Alabama Manual and Statistical Register for 1869 and a prospectus for the Mineral Lands of the Red Mountain Iron & Coal Company of Alabama (1868), I have removed the Cahaba Coal Railroad since the Cahaba Mine was at the end of the South & North Alabama RR. Also adjusted the length and stations on the South & North Alabama RR. Also updated the Shelby Coal Company RR, the Alabama Coal Company RR and Confederate Railroad Construction Plans.
12/28/06 Posted the 2,700th transcribed document. Most of those posted in the last two months have come from the Shelby Iron Works archives, the Confederate Army Engineer Bureau outgoing letter book (September 1863), the Tredegar Iron Works outgoing letter book, articles from the Richmond Daily Dispatch, and letters received in late 1861 by the Superintendent of the Richmond & Petersburg RR. 
1/1/07 Added Military Exemption Form
1/13/07 Added McGence Railroad
1/25/07 Broke up each year's listing of original documents into quarters in order to speed up loading of the listing pages for those without broadband connections.   Essays & Documents
2/4/07 Posted the 2,800th transcription. The most recent ones have been from the Engineer Bureau's letters for the last quarter of 1863.
2/16/07 Posted the 2,900th transcription, most recently from newspapers.

Added the Essay The Effort Required to Support Andersonville

3/4/07 Posted the 3,000th transcription.
3/13/07 Added About Me 

Reorganized the transcriptions in my web program so that posting each one will not take so long.

3/15/07 Added Confederate Rolling Stock Inventory
4/5/07 Added Newspapers Reviewed in Detail to References

Posted the 3,200th transcription

4/19/07 Continued adding transcriptions from the Raleigh Register and the Wilmington Journal. The Engineer Bureau Outgoing Letters are complete through April 1864.

Added a Tidbit

5/5/07 Posted the 3,300th transcription. Additions have been made to the Construction Plans page and documents added to many rarely mentioned railroads.
5/6/07 Added a Tidbit
5/20/07 Posted the 3,400th transcription. Recent trips to the National Archives, the University of Alabama, and the Raleigh Public Library have given me about 120 more transcriptions to post.
7/28/07 Posted the 3,600th transcription.

Added Allen's Plantation Railroad based on an article in the Richmond Dispatch.

8/3/07 Added 16 documents to the Georgia RR, including a request in the fall of 1863 for space on Government blockade runners for cotton to buy supplies.
8/10/07 Started a page listing the most recent transcriptions
9/13/07 Recent visits to Furman University (Greenville, S. C.) has produced several hundred newspaper postings from New Orleans and Mobile newspapers
9/14/07 Added Railroad Time
9/27/07 Added Mobile & Ohio Railroad Produce Deliveries to show the variety and amount of deliveries, by railroad, to meet the food needs of a city.
9/28/07 Added New Orleans Railroad Produce Deliveries.
10/18/07 Spent time in the Mobile Public Library. Watch for a lot of pieces of data on Alabama RRs and transcriptions from Alabama newspapers.
11/1/07 Posted the 4,000th transcription
11/6/07 Added a Tidbit
12/31/07 Posted the 4,487th transcription -- that is almost 1,800 this year.
1/1/08 Added Express and Freight
1/6/07 Changed the McGence RR to the McGehee Railroad
1/20/08 After finding enough information on the West Feliciana RR to be sure that the McGehee Railroad was in fact the West Feliciana RR, I have removed the McGehee RR.
1/24/08 Added a Research Question.
2/7/08 Added Cotton Through the Blockade
2/23/08 Recent visits to Louisiana State University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro and University of South Carolina have added information on the Clinton & Port Hudson RR and many newspaper articles.
4/5/08 Added the little Galveston & Houston Junction Railroad
4/12/08 Added Wilmington Railroad Produce Deliveries
4/26/08 Added a Tidbit
5/4/08 Added Atlanta Artillery Traffic
5/9/08 Just finished 17 hours at the National Archives. The last of the Engineer Bureau Letter Book was copied, 2 additional annual reports discovered, and a total of 325 documents copied for transcription. It will take several weeks to get all the material posted.
5/11/08 Added Mississippi Central Railroad Inventories
5/25/08 Got another 13 hours at the National Archives this week. I've finished the Citizen's File research on all the railroads and have started the Letters Received by the Quartermaster General.
6/3/08 5,000th transcription posted! There are just a few more than 6,000 pages on this site.
6/7/08 Posted the last transcription from the Engineer Bureau's outgoing letter book. Unfortunately, it is dated only 8/13/64, so 7 months of war are not covered, including the reconstruction after Sherman's march.
6/9/08 Added North Carolina Railroad Foundry Castings
8/17/08 Added a pair of photographs of a Western & Atlantic Railroad Badge. I'm assuming it is a Conductor's badge, but would like to hear from anyone who can shed any light on it.

Posted the 5,200th transcription

8/22/08 Added Non-Railroads
9/12/08 Reorganized Confederate Railroad Construction Plans so that the roads are listed by state.
9/21/08 Added a Tidbit

Posted the 5,300th transcription.

10/18/08 Added Memphis & Charleston Railroad Turntables and Memphis & Ohio Railroad Track Sidings
10/24/08 I have been unable to find anything to prove that there was an Augusta & Milledgeville RR by that name. It appears that this was a case of using the two connected towns as the name of the road when, in fact, the legal name was the Milledgeville Railroad. Therefore, I am removing the A&M from this site.

5,500th transcription posted.

10/31/08 Posted 127 transcriptions this month.
11/14/08 Added Memphis & Charleston RR Ticket
11/30/08 Added Post-Raid Repairs
12/8/08 Added Mississippi & Tennessee RR Pass 1862

Added 8 new scans at Images

1/21/09 When my web hosting company upgraded their security software, it prevented me from being able to upload new files, using my old editor. They eventually shifted me to a new server and we are posting, again. This process was severely retarded by the holidays.

Since I started this site, I've added documents from the Official Records as I ran across them. Doing searches for the various names provided so many false hits that I could not use that method to look for new material. Last spring, I began to go almost page by page through the Confederate documents in the OR -- and I have finally finished that task. In the 130 volumes, I've found hundreds more documents that must be posted to give the full context for understanding what was happening to the Confederate railroads at any particular time. It will probably take me several months to get all the new documents posted, but I think you will find some interesting new information in the new posts.

1/22/09 Posted 12 Images of stocks and currency issued by Confederate railroads -- all provided by Pete Angelos.
2/8/09 After much disappointment with my web hosting company, I've moved to a new company.
2/19/09 Added Texas & New Orleans Railroad Bridges, Texas & New Orleans Railroad Track, Southern Pacific Railroad Cars, Memphis, El Paso & Pacific Railroad Cars
2/21/09 Added an expanded version of the West Point Map of Confederate Railroads
2/26/09 In order to improve my place in the results of various search engines, I purchased a program to make a site map. In order to get this program to work, I found that I had violated a site engine rule -- never use a space or a & in the file name of a folder or page. Of course almost all my pages have both, so I will have to change almost all my file names. This will affect the user if he has saved the link to a page since the old page name will be replaced. The space is being replaced with "_" and the "&" is replaced with "and."

Added three scans in Images

3/3/09 Added Western North Carolina Railroad Bridge Description
3/4/09 Added Locomotive Shop Cover to Images. The cover was found at webuystamps.com
3/6/09 Renaming 7,500 files is taking a long time. Unfortunately, when some of the files are renamed, the links are not updated, so you will find some bad links until I am finished with this operation. Links from the chronological listing of documents will be updated first; the links from the railroads' home pages will be last.
3/12/09 Sorry I'm not getting transcribing done, but the file renaming needs to be completed as soon as possible. I've got over 400 new pages to add as soon as the internal work is completed. Keep checking the Recent Transcriptions page.
3/14/09 Reorganized Confederate Military Railroads and added the Marshall, Tx. to Shreveport, La. road.
4/30/09 Added Charleston & Savannah Railroad Savannah River Bridge
5/4/09 Added Confederate Railroads on Wikipedia

I was interviewed for three half-hour segments of the Charlotte, NC public access tv show "True American History" today. The first will show July 7th and the other two will follow after 2-week gaps. Howard White produces and hosts the show. 

5/8/09 Made many small changes to the railroads in northwest Louisiana/northeastern Texas from material provided by David Bland of the Red River Valley Railroad Historical Society
5/13/09 Began posting articles from the Vicksburg newspapers that have been found by Sam Price.
5/15/09 Posted the 6,000th transcription.
5/26/09 Posted 6,100th transcription.

Made major additions to the Biography of Thomas R. Sharp

6/21/09 Added biography of Mason Morfit
6/25/09 I was able to review all the handful of surviving Florida newspapers during a visit to the Florida State Library.
9/20/09 Added Pvt. Belue's Trips on Confederate Railroads
10/9/09 Posted the 6,400th transcription.

Posting has been slow for the last month because of several computer problems and because I'm spending a lot of time transcribing Cap. Thomas R. Sharp's diary. I hope to have the first edition published by Thanksgiving. If anyone has access to the 1860 Richmond Census, please contact me.

10/10/09 Added a Link concerning engineering practices in the construction of the Manassas Gap RR
10/28/09 Added 4 Images -- thanks to Pete Angelos for sharing them.
11/12/09 Published the 6,600th transcription.

Visited the Texas State Library and Archives. Copied 350 pages which will be inserted into the site over the next month or so.

11/15/09 Added Buffalo Bayou, Brazos & Colorado Employees, Houston & Texas Central Employees, Houston & Texas Central Buildings and Houston & Texas Central Track
11/19/09 Added Houston Tap & Brazoria Bridges, Houston Tap & Brazoria Employees, Houston Tap & Brazoria Track
11/24/09 Added Washington County Employees
11/25/09 Added San Antonio & Mexican Gulf Track
11/26/09 Added San Antonio & Mexican Gulf Buildings, Southern Pacific Track
12/9/09 Added my annotated transcription of the Diary of Thomas R. Sharp
12/24/09 Added Georgia Railroad Bridge
12/25/09 Added calendars for all war years 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865
12/26/09 Added an interesting account of a train wreck, by a survivor, AHC, ETG 11-4-62
12/28/09 Began a long-delay project of posting the annual reports to the stockholders of the President, Chief Engineer and Superintendent of each Road. The first one is Presidents Report of the Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) 7-1-61
1/14/10 Added Savannah, Albany & Gulf Railroad Bridges 1863 Pt 2
1/16/10 Added Clover Hill RR Stock 1864, with thanks to Pete Angelos
2/10/10 I just complete a visit to the Auburn University Library and the Alabama State Archives. I'll be adding over 200 transcriptions from this trip. I have now visited the state archives for all the Confederate states.
2/21/10 Added a recent photograph of a culvert on the South & North Alabama RR, constructed during the War. The are much like those on the Louisville & Nashville RR of the same period.
2/25/10 Added 4 pieces of railroad currency to Images. They were provided by Bill Osborne, from the collection of Seymour Priestly.
4/12/10 Corrected my statement regarding the location of the diary of Cap. Sharp. It is still at the Virginia Tech University library in Blacksburg, Va.
4/21/10 Added Biography of Charles C. Sims and added material to several other biographies.
4/27/10 Added Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad New Work for 1861
4/28/10 Added Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Inventories, showing EVERYTHING a well-appointed supply department contained -- both 1861 and 1862
6/6/10 Added Footnote.com to References. This is THE way to research the National Archives Citizens Files and Service Records.
6/25/10 Added the St. Johns Railroad
7/21/10 Added biography of Thomas Peters
7/22/10 Added another sample to Freight Way Bills. Added Soldier's Ticket
8/8/10 Added Captured Memphis & Charleston RR Locomotives Thanks to Brian Hogan for providing the documents.
8/10/10 Added An Article of Tribute to Major Thomas Peters. Thanks to David Wake.
8/31/10 Posted images of several pieces of Mobile & Ohio RR currency. Also, an image of the Locomotive William Jones Jr. Thanks to Stephen Ellison for the material.
9/2/10 Added a sample of a Richmond & Danville RR Freight Receipt
9/27/10 Added a Link to Bill Lockridge's Selma Research Project.
10/20/10 Added another piece of railroad currency, a stock certificate, an envelop and a photograph of railroad spikes to Images. Added two Tidbits (including 3 photographs).
10/21/10 Added Robert Black Obituary
10/23/10 Provided proof of the Stonewall Jackson seizure and removal of Baltimore & Ohio RR locomotives and rolling stock at Jackson and the Locomotive Haul
12/11/10 Added several photographs of items from the Jim Hinson collection in Images
12/12/10 Added Jackson and the Earlier Locomotive Haul and Jackson and the Locomotive Haul -- Whose Idea?
12/23/10 Added Galveston, Houston & Henderson RR and Manassas Gap RR script images from Pete Angelos
12/30/10 Added Confederate Rolling Stock Production
1/22/11 Added The Merrimac and the Railroad about the Wilmington & Manchester RR's blockade-runner
3/24/11 Added a photo of Capt. Thomas R. Sharp here
3/29/11 Posted an 1898 article on Jackson's Locomotive Haul with my extensive annotations. I posted this because this article is used as the basis for much of what is being written now about the operation.
4/22/11 I believe I have answered the first of my Research Questions on Confederate Railroads
4/25/11 Added Centreville RR Map and Map of the area involved in the Jackson/Sharp locomotive haul from the National Archives
6/2/11 Added Did Sharp Build the Centreville Railroad?
6/11/11 Revised Captured Union Locomotives based on new Baltimore & Ohio RR documents
6/27/11 Added Images of 2 pieces of Western & Atlantic currency, provided by David Wake
6/28/11 Added Late War Shipping
7/10/11 Added several paragraphs to Jackson and the Locomotive Haul
7/26/11 Based on information provided by Gordon Mitchell, a Gordon descendent, I've changed the name of Gordon's Mine RR to Nicojack RR
7/27/11 Added Image of a Raleigh & Gaston stock certificated, provided by Jeff Dickens
9/12/11 Now repaired hard drive problems have kept me from posting for a month
9/18/11 Added Image of a Mississippi state $20 bill with a train on it
10/17/11 Added several new photographs: Locomotive 4, Cars 5, Abandoned Centreville RR March, 1862, Depot 8, Tracks 4
12/22/11 Added 5 new stock and bond Images
12/29/11 Added Richmond & Danville Bridge Guards
1/24/12 Added another Pete Angelos piece of currency here
2/9/12 Visited the University of Florida and found information that updates much of the Florida RR
Added photograph of William S. Ashe to his Biography
Created a biography of C. F. M. Garnett, Iron Commissioner. Picture included.
2/28/12 Added a biography of Robert B. Hurt and Edward A. Beecher, both little known Superintendents of Military Railroads.
3/7/12 Added the Columbus Tap Railroad
4/24/12 Began adding transcriptions from the Clarksville Jeffersonian. Added an image of a Memphis & Ohio RR 50 cent bill here. Added a quote from Dabney's biography of Jackson as one more proof of the locomotive haul here.
4/25/12 Add a map of Memphis, showing the roads the Confederacy built to connect the three roads. Thanks to Tom Parker for identifying these additions. (www.memphisrails.com)
5/12/12 Added an essay on Jefferson Davis' Escape Locomotive  

Added Atlantic & North Carolina RR Employees and Atlantic & North Carolina RR Inventory

5/16/12 Added Railroad Transportation of Commissary Stores
5/27/12 Since there are now many Union newspapers available on-line, I added Union Confederate Railroads Original Documents
6/8/12 Over 9,000 Confederate documents transcribed and posted as of today.
6/17/12 Added Biography of George Whitfield
6/27/12 Added Biography of John D. Whitford
6/29/12 Added Biography of John M. Robinson
7/13/12 Finally got to use the Baltimore & Ohio RR archives (available Fridays only). Found only a little of use; all the significant documents relating to Jackson and Sharp and their work are missing.
7/15/12 Added Stolen and Missing Confederate Documents
8/24/12 When you take your laptop on the road every week, eventually you will have problems. My laptop is back from a few days in the shop and we are posting again.
8/26/12 Added Significant Events in the Life of the Confederate Railroads and Macon & Western Railroad Shops
10/16/12 Added Piedmont Railroad Construction Materials
11/12/12 Added Houston & Texas Central Railroad Shops

Added Biography of George A. Cuyler

12/16/12 Added Brunswick & Florida Railroad Cars
1/19/13 Added Sabotage and Loss of a Railroad's Steamboat
2/16/13 Thanks to Pete Angelos for another image Richmond & York River RR Stock 1864
3/17/13 Added a Mobile & Ohio RR 1862 stock certificate here from Pete Angelos
3/24/13 Added Biography of John W. Goodwin
3/27/13 Added South Carolina Locomotives Lost in 1865 and South Carolina Cars Lost in 1865
4/22/13 Added Major Mason Morfit's uniform to his Biography
4/25/13 Added $1, $2 and $3 South Carolina RR bill here
5/9/13 Added Biography of Edward. R. Dorsey
5/11/13 Added an 1863 Macon & Western stock certificate from Pete Angelos
5/27/13 Added Mississippi & Tennessee RR 25c
6/8/13 Added Map of Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR from Fredericksburg to Acquia wharf

Added a photo of the Richmond & Danville RR roundhouse {here}

6/9/13 Added a photograph of a trestle on the South Side RR  {here}
6/23/13 Added photographs to the biographies of John M. Robinson and William M. Wadley
7/28/13 Added Atlanta Armor Shipping Impact
8/2/13 Added C. S. S. Virginia Armor Shipping Impact
8/17/13 Added 4 photographs: South Side Railroad Depot 1866, South Side Railroad Depot 2008, Washington County Railroad Bridge Pier, Bridge 18 (on the South Side RR)
8/20/13 Added City and Area Maps of Confederate Railroads and links to maps for many individual railroads from their home page (on the Black's Number line)
9/2/13 Added the biography of Transportation Agent Thomas W. Howard
9/5/13 Added the biography of Transportation Agent Alexander P. Grice
9/22/13 Added the biography of Minor Meriwether
10/2/13 Added a Tidbit
11/18/13 Added Blue Ridge (of Virginia) Railroad Tunnel Today. Photo provided by A. P. Grice IV.
11/19/13 Added Virginia Central Railroad Culvert Today. Photo provided by A. P. Grice IV.
12/1/13 Spent 4 days at the National Archives over the last two weeks. There is still a tremendous amount to review there. One of the results of these visits has been a large burst of transcriptions -- taking me over the 10,000-transcription mark. I have over 2,000 more documents on my computer, awaiting transcription and posting.
12/13/13 Added Railroad Exemptions in Virginia 1864
12/28/13 Added Rules for Auditing Railroad Accounts
1/10/14 Added biography of J. M. Hottel
1/11/14 Added a photo of the Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire RR's Alexandria depot here
1/16/14 Added biography of James Wheless
1/20/14 Added biography of William G. Raoul
2/10/14 Added biography of D. H. Kenney
2/21/14 Added photograph to Biography of William G. Raoul

Added Sample Raleigh Shipments

3/2/14 Thanks to Pete Angelos for another stock certificate here
3/29/14 Added biography of James P. Robertson
4/4/14 Added biography of Benjamin L. Jacobs
4/10/14 Added biography of W. D. Tappe
4/19/14 Added photograph of Cass Station on Western & Atlantic RR
4/21/14 Added sketch of Kingston, Ga. from an 1864 Harper's Weekly
5/27/14 Added a photo of Appomattox Station here
5/29/14 Added a photo of models of the three locomotives used in the Great Locomotive Chase here.
6/3/14 Added biography of William H. Shaw
6/20/14 Added a map of the Western & Atlantic RR from Marietta to Kingston, prepared by the Road after the war here
7/23/14 Added biography of David McLean
7/29/14 Added biography of E. L. Heriot
8/25/14 Added biography of J. M. Fairbanks
9/15/14 Replaced Virginia & Tennessee RR Buildings of 1860 with Buildings 1862
10/3/14 Added biography of Caleb M. Bouknight
10/6/14 Added biography of J. W. Rogers
11/9/14 Added biography of S. H. Lamb
11/23/14 Posted the 11,000th Confederate railroad document transcription
11/29/14 Added Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR Journal Transactions
12/17/14 Added a photo of a burned out locomotive and train of cars Burned Out Train 1
12/25/14 Added a photo of a Link and Pin Connector
1/13/15 Added Shelby & Broad River RR Stock

Added a table of known Confederate Railroad Bureau Telegrams

1/15/15 Added biography of Nathaniel B. Hill
2/15/15 Added photographs of T-Rail and CSS Georgia Armor
2/19/15 Thanks to Glenn Robertson for providing the Huntington Library holdings of Sims' September 1863 telegrams. The first one is posted H, RRB 9-5-1863.
2/24/15 Added a sketch of a Western & Atlantic RR Water Tank
3/14/15 Added biography of John W. Moore
3/31/15 Added biography of George E. Walker
4/4/15 Added the North Western Railroad of Alabama
5/12/15 Added biography of A. S. Gaines
5/23/15 Added an 1862 South Side RR Stock Certificate
6/4/15 Added biography of John L. Sehon
6/5/15 Added biography of Thomas G. Pugh
6/8/15 Added Richmond & Danville & Piedmont Railroad Telegraph Form
6/9/15 Added biography of P. H. Mayo
7/12/15 Most web service providers use the same software to control their systems. In June, that software was upgraded, but with the functionality needed by my site no longer included. I've had to upgrade my site's software and am still having problems getting certain types of files to show up. I'll also be looking for a site search program to replace the one I've lost. NOT how I like to spend my time.
7/14/15 Posted 12,000th Confederate railroad document transcription
7/19/15 The site is now working properly. Among other things, I've fixed about 125 broken links (out of 45,000), so if you got an Error 404 on a document in the past, please try again. The Site Search is now working and is better than the previous one.
7/28/15 Concluded that the locomotive Washington, listed as captured near Fredericksburg in 1862, was in fact, not removed by the Confederates. See my note at Captured Union Locomotives
8/29/15 After 5 1/2 years, I've finally post the President's and Superintendent's reports for every annual report that I have. The last was the Wilmington & Weldon RR
8/30/15 Added Mississippi, Ouachita & Red River Stock 1864 and a transcription of a receipt on the back here.
9/4/15 Spent two days at the North Carolina State Archives going through the very large collection of the papers of John D. Whitford. I'll eventually post about 200 documents from this collection.
10/11/15 Added Mobile Iron Wharfage
11/8/15 Added biography of L. R. Lucas
11/18/15 Added photo of a Richmond & Danville RR Baggage Tag and thanks to Bob McCown for spotting it.
1/1/16 Starting the new year with over 12,500 transcribed Confederate documents. Now that Confederate ledger books can be downloaded from the National Archives, I will have several thousand more documents up this year.
6/6/16 Added biography of Charles M. Williams
6/9/16 Added biography of T. J. Wooldridge
7/15/16 Added Montgomery & West Point RR 1863 Stock 
7/17/16 Added maps Galveston 1862
8/8/16 Added Savannah, Albany & Gulf 7pct Stock 1861. Thanks to Pete Angelos.
8/8/16 Added Map of Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR at Demopolis. Thanks to Richard McCardle.
11/6/16 Posted the 14,000th transcription of Confederate RR documents
11/6/16 Added biography of Joseph Nalle
1/1/17 Started the year with 14,354 Confederate RR Documents posted; total of 16,267 total web pages on the site.
3/1/17 Published "Locomotives Up the Turnpike" re: Sharp, the Haul and this War career ***** HERE *****
3/11/17 Added biography of John W. Pugh
4/8/17 Added Food Shipments to Portsmouth
4/9/17 Added Major Smith's Commissary Reports
5/6/17 Added biography of George M. Cotchett
8/8/17 Added biography of Stephen D. Wallace
9/4/17 Added Memphis & Charleston Railroad Machine Shop Production
9/16/17 Posted 16,000th Confederate document transcription
11/14/17 Added Outfitting A New Railroad
11/15/17 Added status reports for the construction of the Northeast & Southwest Alabama Railroad