Virginia & Tennessee Shipments

The Virginia & Tennessee Railroad, alone among the Southern railroads, employed a statistician throughout the War. The result was annual reports running as much as 150 pages (the normal annual report was about 25 pages). 

Since this road was a vital link in the supplying of Richmond and its army, study of its shipment data can be instructive. From the annual reports, I've extracted representative data to show the items that were shipped eastward and westward on that road each year. The numbers show the declining shipments of food and raw materials into Richmond and the shifts of what was sent westward. This kind of radical change and decline of shipments was typical of all roads, though the details vary.

Virginia & Tennessee Railroad Tonnage, Eastward

Virginia & Tennessee Railroad Tonnage, Westward


Particularly instructive is looking at the shipment of food to the Richmond/army area.

Virginia & Tennessee Railroad Tonnage, Eastbound Food