Author Title Comment
Armes, Ethel The Story of Coal and Iron in Alabama Essential to understand the movement of coal and iron
Ball, Douglas B. Financial Failure & Confederate Defeat Clearest, most insightful look at the financial failure that so contributed to the railroads' problems
  Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America (1885)  
Black, Robert C. Railroads of the Confederacy The foundation book for understanding the whole subject (buy here)
Bonds, Russell S. Stealing the General 2007 book on the "Great Locomotive Chase." Good discussion of railroading on the Western & Atlantic RR.
Brown, Cecil K. A State Movement in Railroad Development Origins and progress of North Carolina railroads.
Brown, C. K. A History of the Piedmont Railroad Company, in N. C. Historical Review, v. 3, 1926  
Brown, John K. Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1831-1915 Good look at the management side of a major locomotive maker
Burns, Edward B. The Confederates Gather Steam, in Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin No. 104, April, 1961 A first effort to tell the Sharp and B&O Haul story, but new research has uncovered many errors in the article
Carriker, David Railroading in the Carolina Sandhills 4 volumes on all the railroads in the eastern Carolinas
Clark, John E. Railroads in the Civil War North & South railroad management as seen through two troop movements
Clark, Thomas D. A Pioneer Southern Railroad; from New Orleans to Cairo The construction of the roads that became part of the Illinois Central in the South
Cline, Wayne Alabama Railroads Excellent history of all Alabama railroads
Derrick, Samuel M. Centennial History of the South Carolina Railroad  
Dew, Charles B. Ironmaker to the Confederacy Excellent history of Tredegar Iron Works
Estaville, Lawrence E. Confederate Neckties History of the Louisiana railroads
Fetters, Thomas The Charleston & Hamburg The South Carolina RR
Gabel, Christopher Rails to Oblivion: The Decline of Confederate Railroads in the Civil War  
Gates, Paul W. Agriculture and the Civil War Shows why shipping food and forage consumed so much of the railroads' capacity
Goff, Richard D. Confederate Supply A good look at the whole supply problem for the Confederacy
Graybeal, Johnny The Railroads of Johnson City The East Tennessee & Virginia Railroad
Hanson, Robert H. Safety - Courtesy - Service History of the Georgia Railroad; only a few pages on the early and Civil War years
Harncourt, Paul Biography of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad The railroad's history through quoted period documents
Huff, Leo E. "Memphis & Little Rock Railroad During the Civil War," Arkansas Historical Quarterly, Autumn, 1964 A useful history, taken mostly from Memphis newspapers
Hungerford, Edward The Story of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, 1827-1927 Civil War material is hard to use because of a total lack of footnotes or a bibliography; emphasis is on a good story
Johnston, Angus J. Virginia Railroads in the Civil War Emphasis on the Union-controlled parts of Virginia railroads
Klein, Maury History of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad  
Kundahl, George C. Confederate Engineer (John Morris Wampler) Includes a couple of good stories from Wampler's unpublished journals
Lash, Jeffery N. "Anthony L. Maxwell, Jr.: A Yankee Bridge Builder for the Confederacy, 1862-1865," Journal of Confederate History, Fall 1990, #6 Good review of bridge repairing
Lash, Jeffery N. Destroyer of the Iron Horse Gen. Johnston's destruction of Confederate railroads throughout the war
Marvel, William Andersonville -- the Last Depot Includes a lot of railroad information related to the prison
Nelson, Scott Iron Confederacies  
Noe, Kenneth W. Southwest Virginia's Railroad The effect of the Virginia & Tennessee on southwest Virginia
Odom, Edwin Louisiana Railroads, 1830-1880  
Owen, Marie The Story of Alabama, Vol. 2 Information on all Alabama railroads.
Paterson, David E. Frontier Link with the World The few years of the Upson County Railroad
Potts, Charles S. "Railroad Transportation in Texas," Bulletin of the University of Texas, No. 119, March 1909  
Price, Charles L. The Railroads of North Carolina During the Civil War 1951 University of North Carolina Thesis
Prince, Richard E. Atlantic Coast Line  
Prince, Richard E. Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Ry.  
Prince, Richard E. Norfolk Southern Railroad  
Prince, Richard E. Steam Locomotives & History - Georgia Railroad and West Point Route  
Prince, Richard E. Seaboard Air Line Railway  
Prince, Richard E. Southern Railway System  
Prince, Richard E. Richmond-Washington Line & Related Railroads  
Reed, S. G. History of the Texas Railroads Covers every road, but not in detail. Many errors.
Richardson, W. & D. The Texas Almanac for 1861 and 1862  
Rogers Locomotive Works Locomotives & Locomotive Building Excellent, well-illustrated history of development of locomotives, 1831-1887
Shofner, Terrell H. and Rogers, William Warren "Confederate Railroad Construction: The Live Oak to Lawton Connector," Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 43, No. 3 (Jan. 1965)  
Stone, H. David Vital Rails Charleston & Savannah RR in the Civil War
Stover, John F. Iron Road to the West How most American railroads got to their Civil War status
Stuart, Meriwether "Samuel Ruth and General R. E. Lee: Disloyalty and the Line of Supply to Fredericksburg, 1862-1863," Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 71 (1963)  
Surdam, David G. Northern Naval Superiority and the Economics of the American Civil War Excellent look at the effect of the blockade on the railroads
Swank, Walbrook D. Train Running for the Confederacy 1861-1865 Memoir of running on the Virginia Central
Thomas, William G. The Iron Way The impact of the railroads on the South
Toomey, Daniel Carroll The War Came By Train The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Trelease, Allen W. North Carolina Railroad, 1849-1871 The best, most complete look at a railroad and its effects
Trowell, C. T. Exploring the Okefenokee; Railroads of the Okefenokee Realm North Florida/southeast Georgia area
Trudeau, Noah Andre Southern Storm Sherman's march. This book is essential to understanding who was where on each day of the march and who did damage to railroads and where
Turner, George E. Victory Rode the Rails Shows the military advantage of controlling and using the railroads during the Civil War
Weber, Thomas Northern Railroads in the Civil War The other side of the story -- shows the smallness of the Confederate effort
White, John H. Cincinnati Locomotive Builders, 1845-1868 The small builders of Cincinnati, much like Southern ones
White, John H. History of the American Locomotive, 1830-1880 ALL the details on locomotives
White, John H. Short History of American Locomotive Builders in the Steam Era  
Wise, Stephen R. Lifeline of the Confederacy The blockade and the runners
Zlatkovich, Charles P. Texas Railroads, A Record of Construction & Abandonment  
  Annual Reports of many railroads Reports to Stockholders, Reports to States
  Newspapers across the South Newspapers Reviewed in Detail
National Archives - Citizens Files and Officers' Service Records
  Timetables of several railroads  
  US House of Representatives: Affairs of the Southern Railroads Affairs of the Southern Railroads
  US House of Representatives: Railroad Statistics of the United States  
  Annual Reports of Internal Improvement Companies to the Virginia Board of Public Works  
  Appleton's Railway & Steam Navigation Guide, 1858  
  Hill & Swayze's Confederate States Rail-Road & Steam-Boat Guide, 1862  
  Hill & Company's Confederate States Rail-Road & Steam-Boat Guide, 1863  
  Lloyd's Southern Railroad Guide, 6/1863, 10-11/1863, 6/1864