Recent Transcriptions

In order to make it easier for people who return to this site frequently, I've decided to list the most recent posts of new transcriptions of original documents. I'll keep the past one month on this page.

Be sure to check What's New at Confederate Railroads to find out about non-transcriptions that have also been added

 ***  Released "Locomotives Up the Turnpike" {HERE}  ***
NA, RRB 3-31BU-62 7/18
NA, RRB 5-19G-62
NA, RRB 3-31BV-62
NA, RRB 12-31X-61
NA, RRB 4-30AE-62
NA, RRB 4-30AF-62
NA, RRB 3-31BW-62
NA, RRB 6-30L-62 7/22
NA, RRB 4-30AG-62
NA, RRB 3-31BX-62
NA, LS 7-31Z-62
NA, LS 8-31C-62
NA, RRB 5-31AD-62
NA, RRB 11-30W-62
NA, M&O 7-25A-61
NA, WNC 7-27-64
NA, WNC 7-27A-64
NA, ET&G 10-28-63
NA, W&A 12-8-63 7/23
NA, SM 3-4-63
NA, A&MR 4-30-62
NA, A&MR 4-30A-62
NA, RRB 1-31N-62
NA, CSN 12-31-63
NA, CSN 4-30-64
NA, RRB 3-31BY-62
NA, RRB 5-11C-62
NA, RRB 5-20J-62
NA, RRB 3-31BZ-62
NA, RRB 3-8E-62 7/24
NA, RRB 12-31Y-61
NA, RRB 4-20-62
NA, LS 9-30N-62
NA, RRB 4-30AH-62
NA, RRB 1-11-62
NA, LS 9-23-62
NA, LS 1-31CO-63
NA, RRB 6-25C-62
NA, RRB 6-10-62
NA, LS 7-31AA-62
NA, LS 10-31BI-62
NA, LS 2-2K-63
NA, RRB 12-31Z-61 7/25
NA, RRB 2-28O-62
NA, RRB 3-1M-62
NA, RRB 6-30M-62
NA, LS 12-23-62
NA, LS 7-9-62
NA, LS 10-30A-62
NA, LS 4-13-63
NA, RRB 11-30F-63 7/26
NA, RRB 10-31H-63
NA, RRB 6-30E-63
NA, RRB 4-30A-63
NA, RRB 5-31A-63
NA, RRB 3-31G-63
NA, RRB 2-28E-63
NA, RRB 6-30N-62
NA, RRB 1-31G-63
NA, RRB 9-30G-63
NA, RRB 8-31C-63
NA, RRB 5-31AE-62
NA, RRB 4-30AI-62
NA, RRB 1-1B-63
NA, RRB 4-10-63
NA, RRB 2-11A-63
NA, RRB 8-1D-63
NA, RRB 6-26-63 7/27
NA, RRB 7-20A-63
NA, P 4-1-62
NA, P 3-28-62
NA, P 6-23-62
NA, CSN 12-31B-61 7/28
NA, CSN 5-7-62
NA, CSN 5-9-62
NA, CSN 8-29-62
NA, CSN 9-17-62
NA, CSN 10-7-62
NA, CSN 10-11-62
NA, CSN 10-16-62 7/29
NA, CSN 11-28-62
NA, CSN 11-28A-62
NA, CSN 12-3-62
NA, CSN 12-29-62
NA, CSN 1-29-63
NA, CSN 1-29A-63
NA, CSN 2-19A-63
NA, CSN 4-4-63
NA, CSN 4-1-63
NA, CSN 5-4-63
NA, CSN 4-20-63
NA, CSN 6-5-63
NA, CSN 5-30-63 7/30
NA, CSN 6-30A-63
NA, CSN 7-1-63
NA, CSN 4-26B-62
NA, CSN 1-17-63
NA, CSN 1-9-63
NA, CSN 3-24A-63
NA, CSN 3-19-63
NA, L&N 12-15-61 8/1
NA, P 5-1-62
NA, ET&V 4-9-64
NA, SM 12-26-62
NA, SM 12-7-62
NA, SM 10-7-62
NA, M&O 3-31-64
NA, RR 1-14A-64 8/2
NA, N&D 1-27-63
NA, RRB 9-30D-61 8/3
NA, RRB 10-31B-61
NA, LS 1-31CP-63
NA, LS 10-31BJ-62
NA, LS 7-31AB-62
NA, LS 1-31CQ-63
NA, LS 10-31BK-62
NA, LS 2-28X-63
NA, RRB 11-30X-62
NA, RRB 10-31U-62
NA, RRB 1-31H-63
NA, RRB 2-26-62
NA, RRB 2-26A-62
NA, RRB 1-1B-62
NA, RRB 1-2-62
NA, R&D 6-22-61 8/6
NA, SM 4-20-63
NA, RRB 9-30K-62
NA, RRB 6-9E-62
NA, RRB 1-22-63
NA, RRB 4-30AJ-62
NA, RRB 2-23A-63
NA, W&A 3-22-62 8/9
NA, RR 7-16-63
NA, NOJ&GN x-xx-62
NA, LS 7-31AC-62 8/11
NA, LS 10-31BL-62
NA, LS 1-31CR-63
NA, LS 11-30W-62
NP, RD 11-14A-64 8/15
NP, RD 11-14B-64
NP, RD 5-9B-64
NP, RD 3-7-64
NP, RD 3-7A-64
NP, RD 11-9A-63
NP, RD 9-10A-63
NP, RD 10-13C-62
NP, RD 10-13D-62
NP, RD 10-13E-62
NP, RD 6-9A-62
NP, RD 6-9B-62
NP, RD 6-9C-62 8/16
NP, RD 4-7B-62
NP, RD 3-10A-62
NP, RD 3-10B-62
NP, RD 2-10D-62 8/17
NP, RD 2-10E-62
NP, RD 2-10F-62
NP, RD 8-12C-61