Recent Transcriptions

In order to make it easier for people who return to this site frequently, I've decided to list the most recent posts of new transcriptions of original documents. I'll keep the past one month on this page.

Be sure to check What's New at Confederate Railroads to find out about non-transcriptions that have also been added

 ***  Released "Locomotives Up the Turnpike" {HERE}  ***
NA, QMR 2-26-64 4/27
NA, QMR 2-20A-64
NA, QMR 2-27-64
NA, QMR 3-3B-64
NA, QMR 3-3C-64
NA, QMR 3-5A-64
NA, QMR 2-29-64
NA, QMR 3-5B-64 4/28
NA, QMR 3-7A-64
NA, QMR 3-7B-64
NA, QMR 3-7C-64
NA, QMR 3-11B-64
NA, QMR 3-3D-64
NA, QMR 3-17A-64
NA, QMR 3-18A-64
NA, QMR 3-18B-64
NA, QMR 3-17B-64
NA, QMR 3-22A-64
NA, QMR 11-25-63
NA, QMR 3-23A-64
NA, QMR 3-24A-64 4/29
NA, QMR 3-26B-64
NA, QMR 3-25-64
NA, QMR 3-12A-64
NA, QMR 3-28B-64
NA, QMR 3-19B-64
NA, QMR 3-26C-64
NA, QMR 3-22B-64
NA, QMR 3-21E-64
NA, QMR 3-31-64
NA, QMR 4-4B-64
NA, QMR 3-21F-64
NA, QMR 4-1B-64
NA, QMR 3-29B-64
NA, QMR 4-5B-64 4/30
NA, QMR 4-7A-64
NA, QMR 4-5C-64
NA, QMR 3-26D-64
NA, QMR 4-9A-64
NA, QMR 4-9B-64
NA, QMR 4-9C-64
NA, QMR 4-4C-64
NA, QMR 4-9D-64
NA, QMR 4-10A-64
NA, QMR 4-8A-64
NA, QMR 4-8B-64
NA, QMR 4-16A-64
NA, QMR 4-19A-64
NA, QMR 1-28D-64
NA, QMR 2-6-64
NA, QMR 2-18D-64
NA, QMR 2-29A-64 5/1
NA, QMR 3-1-64
NA, QMR 3-8-64
NA, QMR 3-8A-64
NA, QMR 3-14A-64
NA, QMR 3-9-64
NA, QMR 4-7B-64
NA, QMR 4-12C-64
NA, QMR 4-15B-64
NA, QMR 3-7D-64
NA, QMR 4-22D-64
NA, QMR 3-28C-64
NA, QMR 4-29A-64
NA, QMR 2-2D-64 5/2
NA, QMR 1-25-64
NA, QMR 2-1D-64
NA, QMR 1-16-64
NA, QMR 1-xx-64
NA, QMR 2-5C-64
NA, QMR 2-1E-64
NA, QMR 1-5A-64
NA, QMR 2-11G-64
NA, QMR 2-5D-64
NA, QMR 2-16H-64
NA, QMR 2-19A-64 5/3
NA, QMR 2-15E-64 5/4
NA, QMR 3-2E-64
NA, QMR 3-3E-64
NA, QMR 3-5C-64
NA, QMR 3-8B-64
NA, QMR 3-1A-64
NA, QMR 3-6A-64
NA, QMR 3-10D.-64
NA, QMR 1-28E-64
NA, QMR 3-20A-64
NA, QMR 3-20B-64
NA, QMR 4-9E-64
NA, QMR 4-10B-64 5/5
NA, QMR 4-12D-64
NA, QMR 4-6D-64
NA, QMR 4-14B-64
NA, QMR 4-14C-64
NA, QMR 4-14D-64
NA, QMR 4-15C-64
NA, QMR 4-26C-64
NA, QMR 4-22E-64
NA, QMR 2-3D-64
NA, QMR 4-19B-64
NA, RRB 11-30T-62
NA, RRB 5-22B-62
NA, AOV 1-11B-62
NA, AOV 2-4B-62
NA, RRB 11-30U-62
NA, AOV 1-31D-62
NA, AOV 1-31E-62
NA, AOV 1-11C-62
NA, AOV 1-31F-62
NA, AOV 1-31G-62
NA, RRB 4-30T-62 5/6
NA, RRB 5-31T-62
NA, RRB 6-29-62
NA, LS 9-30M-62
NA, LS 10-31BA-62
NA, RRB 1-20A-62 5/7
NA, RRB 1-28-62
NA, RRB 10-31T-62
NA, RRB 1-31J-62
NA, RRB 12-31U-61
NA, RRB 2-6-62
NA, RRB 2-28J-62
NA, RRB 3-31AQ-62
NA, RRB 5-11A-62
NA, RRB 5-31U-62
NA, RRB 6-16-62
NA, RRB 3-31AR-62
NA, RRB 5-19A-62
NA, RRB 3-31AS-62
NA, RRB 5-12A-62
NA, RRB 11-30V-62
NA, RRB 3-31AT-62
NA, RRB 5-20H-62
NA, RRB 12-22-61
NA, RRB 3-31AU-62
NA, RRB 4-29-62
NA, LS 1-31BX-63 5/9
NA, LS 11-30O-62
NA, LS 3-31H-63
NA, LS 11-30P-62
NA, LS 1-31BY-63
NA, LS 2-2I-63
NA, LS 12-31G-62
NA, RRB 4-12A-62
NA, RRB 3-31AV-62
NA, RRB 3-31AW-62
NA, RRB 4-30U-62
NA, LS 11-13A-62 5/10
NA, LS 12-31H-62
NA, LS 1-31BZ-63
NA, RRB 4-26A-62
NA, RRB 3-31AX-62
NA, LS 7-31S-62
NA, RRB 6-24B-62
NA, RRB 3-31AY-62
NA, RRB 6-25A-62
NA, RRB 6-25A-62
NA, LS 1-31CA-63 5/11
NA, LS 10-31BB-62
NA, LS 11-30Q-62
NA, LS 7-31T-62
NA, LS 1-31CB-63
NA, LS 2-11-63
NA, RRB 9-16-64
NA, RRB 9-22-64
NA, LS 11-30R-62
NA, RRB 4-30V-62
NA, RRB 2-1-62 5/12
NA, RRB 9-23-64
NA, RRB 5-21-62
NA, RRB 12-31V-61
NA, RRB 5-31V-62
NA, RRB 12-31W-61
NA, RRB 3-31BA-62
NA, RRB 3-31BB-62
NA, LS 12-31I-62
NA, LS 2-28R-63
NA, RRB 3-31D-63 5/13
NA, RRB 6-30B-63
NA, RRB 1-18-63
NA, RRB 12-31H-62
NA, RRB 3-31E-63
NA, RRB 3-31F-63
NA, RRB 6-30C-63
NA, RRB 6-30D-63
NA, RRB 1-31E-63
NA, RRB 12-31I-62
NA, LS 10-31BC-62
NA, LS 1-31CC-63
NA, LS 12-31J-62
NA, LS 11-30S-62
NA, LS 10-31BD-62
NA, LS 1-16-63
NA, LS 2-2J-63 5/14
NA, LS 10-31BE-62
NA, LS 1-31CD-63
NA, LS 12-31K-62
NA, RRB 4-8-62
NA, RRB 7-31I-64 5/15
NA, RRB 4-26B-62
NA, RRB 5-31W-62
NA, RRB 3-31BC-62
NA, RRB 5-31Y-62
NA, RRB 4-30W-62
NA, AOV 2-11B-62
NA, RRB 4-22C-62
NA, LS 10-31BF-62 5/16
NA, LS 1-31CE-63
NA, LS 1-31CF-63
NA, LS 3-31I-63
NA, LS 4-30M-63
NA, LS 2-28S-63
NA, LS 1-31CG-63
NA, LS 10-31BG-62
NA, RRB 5-19B-62
NA, RRB 2-28K-62 5/17
NA, RRB 1-31K-62
NA, LS 1-31CH-63
NA, RRB 3-31BE-62
NA, RRB 3-31BD-62
NA, RRB 3-6-62
NA, RRB 3-5A-62
NA, RRB 3-31BF-62
NA, RRB 3-31BG-62
NA, RRB 4-30X-62
NA, RRB 3-31BH-62
NA, RRB 5-31Z-62 5/18
NA, RRB 3-31BI-62
NA, RRB 3-31BJ-62
NA, RRB 4-30Y-62
NA, LS 11-30T-62
NA, LS 11-30U-62
NA, LS 7-31U-62
NA, LS 12-31L-62
NA, LS 1-31CI-63
NA, RRB 1-31F-63
NA, LS 7-31V-62
NA, RRB 4-30Z-62
NA, RRB 3-31BK-62
NA, LS 10-31BH-62 5/21
NA, LS 2-28T-63
NA, LS 1-31CJ-63
NA, RRB 6-30J-62 5/23
NA, RRB 5-31AA-62
NA, LS 7-31W-62
NA, DAMEL 2-1-65 5/25
NA, DAMEL 2-2-65
NA, DAMEL 2-3-65
NA, DAMEL 2-6-65
NA, DAMEL 2-8-65
NA, DAMEL 2-12-65
NA, DAMEL 2-13-65
NA, DAMEL 2-21-65
NA, DAMEL 3-1-65
NA, DAMEL 3-4-65
NA, DAMEL 3-4A-65
NA, DAMEL 3-4B-65
NA, DAMEL 3-7-65
NA, DAMEL 3-8-65
NA, DAMEL 3-8A-65
NA, DAMEL 3-8B-65
NA, DAMEL 3-9-65
NA, DAMEL 3-11-65
NA, DAMEL 3-12-65
NA, DAMEL 3-12A-65
NA, DAMEL 3-14-65
NA, DAMEL 3-16-65
NA, DF 5-2-64