The Confederate Railroads have only once been given a detailed examination. "The Railroads of the Confederacy," by Robert Black, is a sixty-five-year-old look at the entire subject. Though a classic, and the essential starting point in understanding the railroads, Black was unable to cover the entire subject in depth.


MY FIRST BOOK: Locomotives Up the Turnpike -- The Civil War Career of  Quartermaster Captain Thomas R. Sharp, C. S. A. is now available -- the story of the Haul of a dozen Baltimore & Ohio Railroad locomotives and over one hundred cars up the Virginia Turnpike, from Martinsburg to Strasburg. Captain Sharp established a major locomotive repair facility, acted as Superintendent of the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad, and filled other significant railroad positions.

231 pages, 6 color locomotive renderings, 7 custom maps, 27 photographs, index, bibliography, endnotes.

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With this site, I present the details behind the railroads. Here you will find each railroad, its location and length, its type and size of rail, the number of cars and locomotives it had when the war started, and the names and technical data of each locomotive. I've also provided lists of stations on each road and comments about most Confederate cities, taken from a Confederate railroad guide. I have also posted well over 16,700 transcriptions of the railroad issues-related documents that I continue to find and post.

I have created this site specifically because it is so hard to locate this information -- and I am anxious to hear from any of you who have data or sources to share to make this listing more complete and accurate. I am particularly looking for photographs of Confederate locomotives that I can post.

Most of the important terms are defined in Data Definitions and discussed in the Essays section.

David L. Bright