Tredegar Railroad Contracts

In the Tredegar Iron Works archives in the Library of Virginia is the contracts book. During the war years, only a few contracts are entered and only the few listed below are related to railroads. Other evidence indicates a great deal of work for railroads not covered by these contracts.
January 1861 Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford RR
  Tredegar will furnish iron for three iron bridges of the Fink plan. One bridge for the South Fork of the Catawba River, one for Indian Creek and one for Buffalo Creek – all in the Western Division of the railroad. One half of the payment was due March 1, 1861 and the other half April 1, 1861. 
  Fulfilled -- unknown
March 11, 1861 Spartanburg & Union RR
  Memo: Said railroad is to deliver at Alston, 50 or 60 tons of flat rail, being as much as the said road can share, also about 10 tons scrap iron.
  Fulfilled -- unknown
April 5, 1861 Mobile & Great Northern RR
  Tredegar will provide trucks and iron works for 30 box cars and trucks and rocker beams for 6 passenger cars ($600/car). Tredegar will also provide the iron work for a four-span of Finks Bridge and a stationary engine of 25 horsepower. 
  Fulfilled -- unknown
September 21, 1861 Confederate Government
  Tredegar will buy all the refuse rails of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad that can be delivered by Thomas R. Sharp to a depot of the Fredericksburg or Central Railroads. $35 per ton of 2200 lbs will be paid. 
  Fulfilled – Unknown, but it is likely some rails were delivered, encouraging the next contract to be made.
February 7, 1862 Confederate Government
  Tredegar will buy all refuse car axles and wrought scrap iron taken from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad that the Confederate States delivers to a depot on the Virginia Central Railroad. $60 per ton of 2240 lbs will be paid for refuse and $40 per ton of 2240 lbs will be paid for wrought iron.
  Fulfilled -- unknown
August 12, 1862 Virginia & Tennessee RR
  Tredegar will furnish 500 kegs of spikes and usual size bar iron and axles, payable in old rails, axles and shop scrap.
  Fulfilled – Unknown, but it probably was since this road helped supply Richmond and Tredegar’s sources of iron in southwestern Virginia.
November 1863 – January 1864 Probably in support of the Virginia & Tennessee RR
  Sold to Scott & Company 40 pairs of wheels and axles to be fitted and ready for the truck, delivered in Lynchburg, Virginia. 
  Fulfilled – Probably, since this entry appears to have been made after the contract was fulfilled.