Stolen and Missing Confederate Documents

   One of the main reasons I started this web site was to prevent other researchers from having to go through the effort of trying to find documents and information that pertain to Confederate railroads. I have been to scores of libraries, archives and museums over some 15 states looking for this material.
   Of course, one of the main sources of documents is the National Archives, in Washington, D. C. Millions of pages of material has been microfilmed, with most of the work having been done in the 1950's and 1960's. While most of the material must still be viewed at the main Archive, the Service Records and Citizens' Files have been posted by, so you can do a lot of research from home.
   Unfortunately, there are holes in the records. Below are those men related to railroads that I have found missing:
* J. M. Fairbanks, an Agent for the Iron Commission in Florida in 1863, should appear in the Citizen Files, but does not. 
* Major John D. Whitford, Quartermaster, President of the Atlantic & North Carolina RR and in charge of railroad transportation from Richmond to Wilmington for over a year, is missing. 
* Major Robert B. Hurt, Quartermaster, controlled trains in northern Mississippi during the Corinth campaign, but has no personnel file.
   Realize, I'm not talking about individual documents being missing, I'm talking about the entire file for that person being missing -- there is nothing in the service records to indicate they ever served in the Army!
   While the National Archives having records missing is disturbing, it is not the only place this has happened. On at least three occasions, documents in an institution's catalog could not be found, even with repeated searches.
   And now I have found that all the significant Civil War letters, reports and files in the Baltimore & Ohio RR Museum's library are missing. Some of them are quoted in a 1964 book, but appear to have not been seen since.