Specifications for the "James S. Corry" & "William M. Stockton"

Specifications for the South Carolina Railroadís JAMES S. CORRY and WILLIAM M. STOCKTON,

Baldwin Locomotive Works, December, 1859

From the Baldwin original order books at the De Golyer Foundation Library. Quoted from A History of the American Locomotive, by John H. White, Jr. 

"Jas. S. Corry"       South Carolina Railroad

M. W. Baldwin & Co. December 1859

Construction No. 905

23 ton D         5 ft. track               November 1859

Boiler  Waist 41" diameter 15 ft. long

Firebox  45 x 361/2 x 58" deep

Cylinders  151/2" x 22"

Link Motion  Solid Links

Tubes  of iron with copper on ends (outside)

Wheels  50" diameter

Tires  wrought iron 2" thick, 2 pr. flange, 1 pr. plain, 3/4" play

Journals  51/4" x 51/2" diameter

Pumps  of iron

Feed Pipes  of iron

Throttle Valve  in smoke box; copper steam pipes

Smoke pipe  [Stack] Radley & Hunter

Cow Catcher  flat bar (Peaks plan)

Piston Follower & Heads  7/8" thick

Steam Gage  Allens

Outside Frames  4 x 1

Stub key  Screw by set screws under straps

Safety Valves  of brass, seat for do. of brass

Names  "Wm. M. Stockton" & "Jas. S. Corry"

Lamps  Charged extra

Tender  With bracket frames two wrought iron trucks. Brakes on all the wheels. Tank 17' long; 7' 6" wide; 42" deep to contain 1800 gallons.