UG, W&A 1/14/1864

Milledgeville & Macon Telegraph Form

 Dated Atlanta 14, 1864
To Gov Joseph E. Brown
   We have sent forward all supplies offered for the army promptly except cattle we have not Stock Cars enough the military have destroyed & carried off nearly all, we cannot obtain others from other Roads Ga Road has a supply but presently are carrying cotton to Wilmington. The recent bad weather has prevented road below from bringing corn &c till Macon {& Western} Road brought two trains & one goes up our road tonight & the other in morning our trains could not make quick trips with the wood we had during recent bad & freezing weather Macon road is short of motive power. Montgomery road {Montgomery & West Point RR} has an engine & two {?} freight cars running with corn this road is not in fault except as to stock. I go to see Genl Johnston in morning I write you this evening.
G. D. Phillips
{The month of January is not on the telegram, but it is filed in the January file and the subject matter fits with other communications on this subject in January}