UG, N&C 3/23/1862

Atlanta March 23d 1862
Gov Brown
   I have just returned from Chattanooga, there is no chance to sell our Stock. We may possibly get a dividend of 5 % about 1st April, they have on hand a large surplus fund & I insisted on a dividend.
   Their rolling stock is all being pressed into service by the Government. I urged it upon them to sell all their Engines & Cars, they will be ??? out by other Roads & returned almost worthless. They can now sell them for almost or quite double their original cost & replace them when peace is made at half price. I think the road will not be used further than Stevenson {a station on the Nashville & Chattanooga RR} (if that far,) until the war closes.
   I could not sell your M&C RR's {Memphis & Charleston RR} bonds. Gleavis is of the opinion they would not sell at par, just at this time is a bad time to offer them as a great many persons are expecting every day to hear of the enemys being in possession of the Road.
Yours truly
Ben May