UA, SIW 6/24/1863

CS Arsenal Demopolis
June 24, 1863
My Dear Captain,
   Capt Fisher reported to me that 6000 canteens had passed through here for you on the 12th. He says he certainly saw one box containing 1200, & also 4 more loading like them which he presumed contained the same number. I suppose however he was mistaken & now to remedy it I will send you all I can get just as soon as possible. 2304 canteens were sent you day before yesterday also 3481. Haversacks in addition 2500 haversacks leave for you today. In regard to the Artillery Harness I am making & repairing as fast as possible & was in hopes to send you seventy five sets by the end of the week, but this d__d Railroad Company {the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR was running its own line and the connecting Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR} has left three cars containing Leather & Artillery pads &c on a switch between Meridian & McDowell's & never made an effort to get it any farther, notwithstanding the cars left Jackson about the 15th of last month. I wish you would mention this fact to Maj Barbour & see if he cant have them ordered on. My contacts in Mobile reports that he cant get Leather, so I am disappointed there also, but if you can hold on ten days longer I will be able to send you one hundred sets provided the cars are ordered on to McDowell's containing the pads. I would make other pads but the leather at present on hand is too heavy.
   Georgas has ordered me to discontinue making cartridges here in consequence of the scarcity of lead in the Confederacy, but has ordered me to carry on an extensive repairing establishment & collect supplies for Gen'l Johnston's Army. This I am glad of, as in case if New Orleans or Memphis being retaken I stand a good chance of being ordered to an Arsenal at one of the places. Philips Machine Shop & foundry will be in operation in about a month & then we will be able to make & repair gun carriages of every description & cast shot & shell & repair small arms. The location of the Arsenal here is one of the prettiest sites I ever saw. One mile from town containing 40 acres bordering on the Black Warrior River, with four magnificent cold springs & plenty of mint, which ingredients, you know, mixed with a little brandy & sugar does not make altogether an unpalatable beouap. I hope you may find it convenient before long to pay us a visit. Demopolis is a quite pleasant little village & I  decidedly prefer it to Jackson.
   Let me congratulate you on your appointment on General Johnston's staff. I did not think he could stand Mayo long. Poor Mayo passed through here about a week ago, & did not know whether he was going to Richmond, to Charleston or where. He evidently expected to meet the widow Alston here, but was disappointed, as she had left for Jackson the day previous to his arrival.
   In case I am not able to fill your Requisitions I will forward them immediately to Selma & have the articles procured for you as soon as possible.
Write us & give me all the Jackson news.
As Ever yr friend
Philip Mton {?}