UA, SIW 11/19A/1863

Supts Office A&TRRd   Superintendent's Office, Alabama & Tennessee River RR}
Selma Nov 19th  {the year is not on the letter, but it appears to be from 1863}
Mr. A. T. Jones
Prest S Iron Works
Dear Sir,
   I have instructed Mr. Ferguson to leave the number of cars you require at the Coal mine for you weekly. It may not be possible to do it altogether regularly, but we will try to furnish the number during the week.
   Our stock of cars is small in comparison with the business we have to do. Please have the cars unloaded promptly so that the returning train can bring them back. If the cars are not detained, we will be enabled to facilitate your business the better, as will as to accommodate the pressing wants of the public.
Very Respectfully
W. Rothrock  
Gen Supt