UA, SIW 11/17/1863

Selma Nov 17th, 1863

Col. A. T. Jones
Dear Sir,
   I send you by tomorrows Freight Train (4) four car loads of corn.
   Send the cars back empty as the Conductor of the Marion R. R. {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR} has let me have them till I get out the 5000 bu corn {about 28 car loads} that my Brother bought of Mr. Lawry & the Conductor does not want the cars delayed. So please have them unloaded & sent back at as early a date as possible have all the plant put on one car with 12 additional plant & I can send you 300 bu at a load. Write me when the cars will return. I paid $40 to get the cars loaded.
G. L. Tillman