UA, NE&SWA 4/22/1861

N. E. & S. W. Alabama Rail Road Company
Engineer Department
Eutaw April 22d 1861
R. E. Rodes Esq
Chief Engineer &c  {Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR}
Dear Sir,
   I have visited the Warrior & Bigbee work as you requested and find that the only difference to be made on the estimates previously rendered consists in adding the iron which has been delivered for the Bridges; at the Warrior there are only 12 boxes and 2 Blbs & the remainder is at the Bigbee. Harding made his last estimate at the Bigbee final and mine at the Warrior is as near final as it can be until the river gets low in the Summer as some of the brick is piled near low water the last estimate made by me on it was very close as I took every precaution to get as near as possible in the results anticipate an emergency of this kind.
   Derby hauled 24 Bbls of cement from the Warrior to the Bigbee which he states to have cost him $24 this has not been embraced in any of the estimates to present time.
   The trestlework at the Bigbee is in the same condition as when last returned except that 14,000 ft B. M. has been hauled from the woods to the framing yard; the timber which is in the woods first as it was left when the leaving was done is in better condition than that which was hauled out i is lying on the core blocks and is protected from the sum except some few sticks which were dragged out along side the public road and which Derby agrees to have piled in good shape.
   The proper number of acres has been returned on 67 & 68 but price enough has not been put on it, it is worth I think at least $30 to $35. It was a great portion of it heavy clearing & the rolling was very difficult.
   There is no cement at the Bigbee except such as was delivered several years ago and which is unfit for use. There is quiet a large amount at the Warrior and unless it is coopered soon a great deal of it will be lost. The iron at both places I directed to be carefully stored away out of the weather. *****
Very respectfully
Peyton Randolph
Asst Engr